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message 1: by Jean (new)

Jean lusk | 1 comments I recently lost all of my books due to water damage. What are some cheep places to buy books? I'm limited on money do to repairs, but really want to build my collection again.

message 2: by Kristen (new)

Kristen | 10 comments Check Book Outlet for books you're interested in. Their books are usually cheap, but their selection can be pretty limited.

message 3: by Fernanda (new)

Fernanda (marble_skin) | 1 comments Oh, I´m so sorry to hear that.
Check on, shipping's free; the books take up to 1 and a half month to arrive but if you don't recieve them, they send you another one. They have one of the best customer services arround.
Also, their catalogue is huge.

message 4: by Laiky (new)

Laiky How awful! It hurts even to imagine it. Charity shops?

message 5: by Lois (new)

Lois (loiszuger) | 1 comments I'm so sorry that happened :( Depending on where you live, there are different options. Half Priced Books (physical shop) is a chain that has used books in good condition. If you want really cheap books, check thrift shops! There's one in my town where you can get a bag of books for $1!

message 6: by Amber (amberinbookland) (last edited Oct 20, 2016 02:55AM) (new)

Amber (amberinbookland) (amberinbookland) not sure about what countries they ship to but I usually get really cheap books (from £2!) from abebooks. But definitely try charity shops! I'm so sorry :(

message 7: by Caylee (new)

Caylee (TBMLover19) | 11 comments, book depository, Amazon if you look for the deals, eBay all have amazing deals on books sorry to hear about your books

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