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Pip | 468 comments Comments for section 5 - Third Narrative Chapters 4-10

message 2: by Rosemarie, Moderator (new)

Rosemarie | 2785 comments Mod
It was at this point of the book that I decided to read the book at a faster rate. I wanted to see the puzzle of the Moonstone resolved. I also enjoyed encountering Gabriel again.

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Lori Goshert (lori_laleh) | 1295 comments Mod
I also decided to go ahead and finish it. And by the way, on Friday I missed my stop on the metro AND my stop on the bus because I was reading this book!

I kept notes on what was going through my mind at different parts of the book, so I can post those without revealing spoilers.

So, here we have Franklin on the way to Yorkshire, and he will read Rosanna Spearman's letter. He finds his nightgown and understands that he must have either taken the diamond, or someone must have done so while wearing his nightgown (which seems unlikely), and that Rachel sees him as a thief.

Now, Rachel's conduct is explained: She was never upset about losing her diamond - she was upset about losing FRANKLIN. As not only her intended husband, but also her cousin, he was someone she trusted and she is sure he betrayed her. This is more consistent with her character. She liked the diamond and was excited to receive it, but it never had any mysterious "precious-esque" hold on her.

Do the Indians really know where it is? Is it still in the house? Or the garden? Or is it in London, where they think it is? If so, how did it get there?

What happened to Mr. Jennings? What was he accused of? Have we met the young lady he needs to provide for?

Do you trust Ezra Jennings? I want to! But it seems strange that he is taking on so much. I hope he turns out to be a positive character. He's very mysterious. And his mother was from one of the colonies, so he may possibly be part Indian. Collins wants us to be a bit suspicious, I guess. But will Mr. Jennings turn out to be part of the conspiracy, or will Collins use Mr. Jennings to warn the readers not to judge based on appearances?

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Rosemarie | 2785 comments Mod
I see Rachel in a more positive light now as well. She must have been devastated when she Franklin denied having taken the diamond. And now I really feel sorry for Roseanna Spearman.

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Renee M | 747 comments Roseanna is truly tragic. As is her friend, Limping Lucy. Lucy seems to have been as hopelessly in love with Roseanna as Roseanna was with Franklin.

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Rosemarie | 2785 comments Mod
Renee, I agree about Roseanna as being a truly tragic character. She really did not have a good life.

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