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Continuity Errors?? in The Magicians (Spoilers for sure)
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I've spotted a few possible continuity errors in the series, and Google searching isn't producing any confirmation of whether I am crazy or correct.

The major one that drives me crazy has to do with how many people are in Quentin's class. Halfway through his first year at Brakebills, Quentin and Alice and Penny are given the chance to move up a year. Quentin and Alice pass the test, Penny fails. So Q&A move up to 2nd year, half-way through. SO.....that should mean they are in a class of 22, right?

But then, this fact seems to be ignored when they go to Brakebills South - it describes that there are 10 Fourth years, and 5 of the previous year's class that did not go because the the attack of the Beast. Which....ok, maybe because of the death of Amanda Orloff, 11 of the students go part of the year, and then 10 go the other part of the year. It's possible for that not to be a mistake.

But then at graduation, there are 19 graduates. Shouldn't there be 21? 22 original classmates, and Amanda Orloff deceased??? RIGHT?

Smaller consistency errors:

- in the first book, when Quentin gets back from Fillory, on page 389 he retrieves cash from an ATM, and it says that such spells for him are child's play now. But then, in the Magician King, when Julia and Quentin accidentally end up back in the real world, Julia "shows" Quentin how to magically get money from an ATM.

- When Julia meets Quentin in the graveyard in Chesterton and confronts him about magic, she says "I won't go back to college." But we learn in The Magician King, she never went to college.

I am pretty sure there were more....but those are the 3 that stuck with me.

Can anyone confirm? Are these really mistakes, or am I missing something? Any other errors you've noticed?

The ATM thing is definitely a continuity error. It bothered me, too. I didn't notice the college thing, but you're right about that. I'm not so sure about the class size. Remember, one student left after Amanda Orloff's death, so that's 20. I'm not sure where they would have lost another, but it's possible that it's covered.

Amy Marie I forgot about the student who yes, that would bring it down to 20. I still think it was an oversight and continuity error. Thanks for comm ...more
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The ATM is NOT an error. The book says after coming back to earth, julia showed him how to draw money "without credit card". Apparantly Q only know the spell with an actual credit card.

They are outside Buffalo but can see the Adirondacks--to the west. p. 269--"The sun was setting behind the Adirondacks in the distance..." This is not how geography works. Even magical geography.

ha. yea. being from upstate NY the Buffalo / Adirondacks thing is funny. I wonder if he was thinking Albany.

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When they are informed that they will be testing to go up a grade, Alice asks if this means second years will be moved back to year one. They are informed that everyone learns at a different pace implying that yes, they will be moving people down.

They end up graduating with a class of 19 because Amanda Orloff gets eaten by the beast and they have a toast to her during their graduation celebrations.

I don't recall anyone leaving after her death. I may have forgotten that part. But latter when Janette is telling the story of how Alice's brother dies, they say that his crush was the only student to ever leave the school voluntarily.

The ATM one stuck with me too, so I guess it is a continuity error. The college one I think is ok because at the time she didn't want anyone to know it. And it's one of the things that helps her convince Quentin to talk to Fogg (I could be wrong on this). Not sure about the student count one.

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