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Now we'll never know > Looking for a book I read a few months ago. It's a dark read.

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message 1: by Kris (new)

Kris | 34375 comments Mod
LilaJane, why is he seeing a therapist?

What's the genre or tone - dark contemporary romance, gritty realistic fiction, angsty, steamy, mystery/thriller, etc.?

Location - U.S./country, big city/small town/region?

message 2: by Peace Love & (new)

Peace Love & Books (readingallthebooks) | 24 comments US. Romance. I think they may be in college together but not for sure on that.

message 3: by Ana (new)

Ana Paula | 19 comments Why was he seeing a therapist??
Well, his mother was a drug addict who traded him for drugs and money!
Sorry, I don't have a suggestion..

message 4: by Peace Love & (new)

Peace Love & Books (readingallthebooks) | 24 comments I found the book. It was Driven by K. Bromberg

message 5: by Juels (new)

Juels | 2427 comments Please do not delete your original post. Others looking for the same book could have benefitted from it.

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Kris | 34375 comments Mod
Moved to the "Now We'll Never Know" folder.

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