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message 1: by Joy (last edited Oct 19, 2016 05:34AM) (new)

Joy Ruckoldt Your first and last name
Book title
What is the setting of your book? (time and place)
How would you describe this setting? What details stand out to you?
What mood is created and how so? (funny, sad, suspenseful, scary...)
Describe a scene that stands out to you.

message 2: by April (new)

April Alba | 8 comments April Alba
The setting of my book is the Patriots base and right now Day describe the base as busy and loud because there people doing different things. The mood of when he goes is awkward because he goes into the base and people just start to stare at him and stand in silence for a while. A scene that stands out for me is when Tess acts jealous of June and Day being together because it shows that she's grown since Day left

message 3: by Rmccoy0227 (last edited Oct 19, 2016 06:02AM) (new)

Rmccoy0227 | 7 comments Ryan McCoy
The book I am reading takes place in San Diego, California. This setting is important because being in California, There is a desert that Griffs family calls the Empty Quarter because it's an area where there are no people. I think my favorite scene in Jumper is probably when Griff and his father were practicing grifs jumping in a desert while his dad was shooting at him with a paintball gun. It's just a happy, exciting point in the story that happens right before something very bad happens.

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Mawata | 4 comments Mawata Fofana
My book takes place in the near future in los Angels. The setting seems pretty normal like they have streets and buildings their technology is just more advance. What stands out to me is how it's in th USA but things are different. The mood is really tense and dramatic. The scene that stands out is when Tess doesn't take days hand and runs back to the patriots.

message 5: by Lilly (new)

Lilly Puleo | 8 comments Lilly Puleo
The Art of not Breathing

The setting of my book is present time mostly on a beach. The beach has a group of divers who live on it. The mood created is kind of sad because the main character El's twin brother drowned of the beach when they were little. The mood is also suspenseful because El is trying to find out what really happened the day her brother died. A scene that stands out to me is when El wants to join the diving club to get to the bottom of the ocean to find he brother even though she obviously won't be able to find him.

message 6: by Isaiah (new)

Isaiah Raja | 7 comments Isaiah Raja

Noggin - John Corey Whaley

The setting of my book is Denver, Colorado at current time.

He is a regular person living in a normal neighborhood and living a normal life in the area in america just like others.

I feel like its a mix between sad and happy because yet he is happy that he is alive and living again, his education is 5 years behind and his age is 16 and he has the education of an 11 year old so he is relly upset about that but he is still going to school and restarting his education.

The part that stook out to me the most was when he had to start his education 5 years behind his age and that he can't do all the fun things that his friends are doing at his age with a more current education and more life-experience and that made me feel really sorry for him

message 7: by William (last edited Oct 19, 2016 05:59AM) (new)

William Miller | 8 comments Billy Miller
Fahrenheit 451
The time frame is in the twenty first century and is based in the suburbs. The setting is very opposite of what we believe in now. Some details that had stood out to me was that in the beginning in the introduction they explained how he got to write the book, in the basement of a library and he had 1 hour every time he paid. The mood is gloomy and futuristic. A scene that stands out to me is when his 17 year old neighbor asks if he's happy and than he questions himself.

message 8: by Jacob (new)

Jacob Luedloff | 5 comments In the book Players the setting takes place in a a High school in the city were there basketball team is coming off of a state championship run. In one sense in the book tryouts for the basketball team have just ended. Corey the captain of the team had just walked into the dark gym to see Noah a Allstate forward who had transferred standing there waiting for him. Corey who is kinda of scared of what Noah could do to him sprint out the door and to his car and leaves. I like this sense because it shows a scary and confused mood that the captain of the team is scared of one of his teammates.

message 9: by Gavin (new)

Gavin Vizitiu | 4 comments Gavin Vizitiu
The book is based around modern time in Iowa, but when an apocalypse takes place, it feels much different. The setting is an apocalypse where most people are killed by it. The mood is suspenseful and brings fear to the reader. A scene that stood out to me is when he was in a fire truck, sandwiched between two fire fighters and another one driving, very recklessly. One of the fire fighters next to him was muttering prayers and seemed scared.

message 10: by Melanie (new)

Melanie | 6 comments Melanie Gonzalez
Every Exquisite Thing
The setting of my book is in the present at Bookers house. I would describe the setting as calm and fun, somewhere you can be yourself and you won't be judge. In my book there are many moods, and the moods change a lot. Most of the time everyone is happy, but there has been times where it has been really sad and depressing. A scene that stands out to me is when Alex, Nanette, and Oliver go to Sandra Tackett's house to find out if she's the missing twin that Booker is in love with.

message 11: by Zach (new)

Zach | 7 comments Zach Moore
Fugitive X
It doesn't say and it is in a forest outside a city. There are a lot of trees, hunters, bots, and trackers. The mood is suspenseful because there are bots and hunters that have guns and can kill you and trackers that can turn you in so you never know if your being hunted. The main characters Nick, Cass, and Kevin where hiding in a tree and a hunter started to point his rifel right at there hiding spot but ended up walking away.

message 12: by Brandon (new)

Brandon | 6 comments Brandon Zuniga
Latinos in beisbol
My book was about how non Caucasian baseball players were denied access to play baseball in the majors due to the color of their skin.This drought of non white baseball players went on from 1911 to 1945. Scene that I find interesting is when a baseball player wanted to be in the majors so bad he taught himself English and tried playing without anyone realizing that he was a few shades darker then he was banned from playing in the majors.

message 13: by Ben (new)

Ben Boddy | 7 comments Ben Boddy, hunt for the red October,
The setting in the book takes place in the 1980s on two different submarines, the Americans on one, and the Russians on the other. The setting doesn't change, but I think it's unique that it's in a submarine. The mood created is slightly suspenseful, because the red October is a nuclear submarine that can't be detected by sonar. Not many scenes have stood out because it's honestly really hard to understand what's happening

message 14: by Andrea (new)

Andrea Marron | 7 comments Andrea Marron
The book I read is the Geography of You and Me.
The setting takes place in New York around today's time in the 2000's
The city is pretty busy and there's a lot going on until the power goes out and the two main characters connect on that one night when they get stuck in the elevator.
The mood it creates is suspenseful because it makes you kind of panic a little for them because their parents were away at the time and they were stuck in the elevator by themselves and couldn't get out until someone helped them.
A scene that stands out to me is when they got the same idea of sending postcards to each other while they haven't known that they are both separating from each other.

message 15: by Chris (new)

Chris Divito | 8 comments Christopher Divito
Call Me By My Name by My name
The setting of my book is in the 1960s in Louisiana. The town in Louisiana has two parts one for whites and one for blacks. A detail that stands out to me is that Rodney who is white is best friends with tater who is black. A mood that is created is that the whites think they are better than the African Americans so they whites never take them seriously. A scene that stands out to me is Rodney hits a home run in baseball and Tater celebrates and he get ejected from the game.

message 16: by Rodolfo (new)

Rodolfo Jimenez | 5 comments Rodolfo Jimenez
The Darkest Path
The setting of my book is a broken, post apocalyptic America (and rest of the world)
The setting is this broken world, and army camps, the town, and the lighthouse, all belonging to the Glorious Path, who leader believes the are following the path God made for them
The setting is this gloomy suspenseful feeling, a feeling that anything could happen at anytime
One scene that stood out was when the Path members were in the lighthouse, which is like their church, and they are doing a ceremony, it just shows that they believe in this Path very much

message 17: by Joey (new)

Joey | 6 comments Joey Faraone
The Kill Order by James Dashner
The setting of my book is future Los Angeles. The sea levels rose and everything is getting flooded. I would describe this as a scary place. The mood that is created is sad, scary, and suspenseful. One scene that stood out to me is when Alec and Mark went to look for Trina, Lana, and Deedee, they found Lana and she was brutally injured and they took her out of her misery by shooting her with a transdevice which is a gun that makes you dissolve.

message 18: by Lizette (new)

Lizette | 8 comments Lizette Simental
The distance between us
My book takes place in a small village in Mexico. The setting is a sad time because their parents left to the United States to make money for their family,the time is in 1980 and the place is in a small village in Mexico.The mood of the story is very sad because the kids are treated very bad where their grandmother lives at. A scene that stands out to me was when their mother was leaving to the United States and they were saying goodbye to their mother.

message 19: by Kelly (new)

Kelly | 5 comments Kelly Marin
Title: Bleed Like Me
The setting takes place in modern day and the place is unknown because the author didn't reveal it. I would describe this setting as cold and forest like. There is also a cold lake that one of the characters swims in. The mood that is created is a fun mood because two of the characters are at a party and they are having fun in their own ways. I would say that the one were they are at the party stands out to me because the main character is not having fun until her friend another character shows up to the party and decides to follow some of his friends into the lake and to take the main character with him.

message 20: by Jason (new)

Jason Masters | 5 comments Jason Masters
World War Z
Greater Chongqing, The United Federation of China is where the interviewer started to interview people before the arrive of the "walkers." The main setting in this book (where the interviewer spends the most amount of time) is in China. A detail that sticks out to me is that it takes a very long time to get started but when it does it is worth it it gets a lot more exciting. The mood of the book is suspenceful because like I said before it takes a very long time to get started but when it does it's worth it, that is also the similar situation in a lot of the scenes in the book. A scene that stands out to me is when a group is simulating a dangerous situation to get them ready if it happens in real life.

message 21: by Nife (new)

Nife Oseni | 8 comments Nife Oseni
Football's Greatest Stars
The setting is all over the place from the football field to players personal homes.Most of these stories started in the 1960s with people like Dik Butkis all the way up to around 2012/2013.
The mood in these stories are factual or informational because the book is telling the reader about the players accomplishments and records.
One story that stood out to me was Deion sanders because even though he had so many accomplishments,he had a rough life outside of football,including driving his Mercedes over a 30 foot cliff and surviving.

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Kelsie | 6 comments Kelsie Campbell
The settling of my book is Rhode Island on a sheep farm. The farm has a forest, a barn, a house, and lots of land. The detail that stands out most is in front of the houses there is a basketball hoop. The mood of this book was funny and suspenseful. A scene that stands out most is, "I dove for it and then, embarrassed because I looked like I was showing off, I heaved it from about four feet outside the three-point line."

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Griffin Hall | 7 comments Griffin Hall
Silence Is Goldfish
My book takes place in Manchester England, I don't know when, not much is said about the setting but I would think of it as a boring place. A scene that stands out is when the neighbors argued and Tess, the main character, was not talking to her dad, it shows that there is lots of conflict and the main character is trying to change her life, making the book interesting.

message 24: by Eduardo (new)

Eduardo Padilla | 8 comments Eduardo Padilla

I'm reading ashfall

The setting takes place in cedar falls, Iowa it surprises me how Alex is always fighting with his mom for everything and how they don't have a really good bound and he's like always against her for everything single thing the mood is sad because he's house was burning and his worried about his parents because he can't find them so his parents so he's worried how his neighbor affords to take care of him and it surprised me because not many people would do that for a kid.

message 25: by Ximena (new)

Ximena Laredes | 7 comments Ximena Laredes
Book: The Heartbreakers
The Heartbreakers has two main settings. One the penthouse in New York where the Heartbreakers live and Chicago where Stella and her family live. Stella constantly has to travel back and forth because of work and Cara's illness. I think that New York is very wild because if Stella and the Heartbreakers aren't at a party they are constantly getting chased around by paparazzi. On the other hand Chicago is a much quieter yet stressful setting because they are constantly worrying about Cara's cancer.
The mood of both settings is cozy because no matter where Stella is she has both the members of the band and her family standing by her side through everything.
One scene that stood out to me is when Oliver skips his tour in order Togo visit Stella even though she is not happy to see him.

message 26: by Eric (new)

Eric Zendejas | 7 comments Book:Brave New World

The setting takes place in a dystopian world called the World State. The book mostly takes place in a future London and a savage reservation in New Mexico. The details that stand out to me is that it's not a normal dystopian novel where everything is in ruins, but a utopia that's not exactly a utopia. The mood created is almost contradicting because it seems that it's a good world but in fact has a very shady side to it

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