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Science Fiction > The Fall of Man: Days of Judgment (FREE - Oct 18-20)

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message 1: by Rob (new)

Rob McLean | 13 comments Genre: Sci-fi / Mystery

Hi All,

Just wanted to let you know The Fall of Man: Days of Judgment is free on Amazon for the next three days (Oct 18 and 20).

Days of Judgment is the first book in The Fall of Man trilogy. So far good reviews and would love to introduce the series to new readers.

Book Synopsis:

Eight strangers from different walks of life, each struggling with personal crises, are approached from the shadows by an organization that inexplicably knows the most intimate details of their lives. Enticed by an offer of $50 million to come work for the clandestine outfit, those who agree begin a descent into mystery, subterfuge and impossible choices that will force them to confront the nature of what modern man has become.

Join the group of eight - a lawyer, psychologist, priest, quantum physicist, rock star, sociologist, rogue special operative and industrial capitalist - as they descend into an abyss of dire consequences to discover that who they are may be mankind's last hope or its final undoing.

The Fall of Man: Days of Judgment is a thought-provoking, fast-paced, keep-you-guessing ride through a world of quantum physics, virology, and moral philosophy where a chosen few must confront the question - has mankind gone too far?

Days of Judgment is the first book in the three-book The Fall of Man series

The Fall of Man Days of Judgment by Rob Mclean

Tara Woods Turner Got it!

message 3: by Rob (new)

Rob McLean | 13 comments Awesome! Hope you enjoy. :)

message 4: by Eric (new)

Eric Klein | 58 comments can i get a copy

message 5: by Rob (new)

Rob McLean | 13 comments Eric wrote: "can i get a copy"

Hi Eric... yep, anyone can. (that should take you to your Amazon country page where it's free for download - Kindle version obvious).

Anyway, if you have any issue just let me know and I'll try to figure out if there's an issue on Amazon's side.

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