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message 1: by Alexander (new)

Alexander Hamilton (the_a_dot_ham) | 96 comments Mod
Discussion questions will be posted later this week, but if the urge strikes, fire away!

message 2: by Alexander (new)

Alexander Hamilton (the_a_dot_ham) | 96 comments Mod
Admittedly, these last two weeks have gotten away from me and I did not come up with questions, so we'll free form it this time.

Vacation takes up so much time, doesn't it?

How are you all liking the book so far?

message 3: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (kamicokrolock) | 25 comments Alright here I go.
I find myself having a really difficult time liking this book. It's not a bad book, in fact it is very well written and very informative I just find Adams a fairly boring person. However there are times when I find this read very intriguing. Being familiar with his presidency I find it somewhat amusing that early on in the Rev War he supported the creation of a regular army and the founding of a military academy things he would not be as enthusiastic for later.
This passage seemed to sum up Adams very well "he succumbed to brooding and self-pity. Nobody understood him." -it definitely makes him sound like a moody teenager, which he could be at times, running off bach to Braintree during his VP and Presidency. Much like how a Teen may storm off to their room to avoid whatever problems they don't quite know how to handle.

message 4: by Alexander (new)

Alexander Hamilton (the_a_dot_ham) | 96 comments Mod
I have a hard time liking it as well. I /want/ to like it because it is lauded as one of the best biographies, but goll darn it, I just don't like Adams. But I'm trying to be open minded. Trying...

That quote is a great way to sum up Adams. I greatly admire his zeal for revolution in his early years. If there is anything that can be said for him, it's that he is stubborn.

message 5: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (kamicokrolock) | 25 comments I don't feel so bad now that I know I'm not the only one who procrastinates on this book.

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