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A Closed and Common Orbit (Wayfarers, #2)
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message 1: by Rob, Mayor of Ghost Town (new) - rated it 4 stars

Rob (robzak) | 6373 comments Mod
Part 2

Please keep all discussion and speculation to the events of Part 2: Pull.

No spoiler tags required. Though it would be highly appreciated if you Uncheck Add to my Update Feed to avoid accidentally spoiling things for your good read friends.

Please do not discuss events from later sections. Referring back to events from a previous section/book is fine.

Lindsay | 545 comments The previous section ends with this exchange on the Picnic message boards:
FunkyFronds: i swear, i could sync my clocks by when this post goes up. where did the past eight tendays go?
tishtesh: how long are you gonna keep reposting this
pinch: until i find it

.. and that's when you get that while Pepper escaped and is safe, Owl is lost.

I love the teenager Jane bit and the sad and aggrieved mother that Owl gets to be during this period, and then their reconciliation and Jane's meltdown in Bug Bug. No wonder she loves it.

I liked the friendship that Sidra develops with Tak. I was thinking they'd end up in a relationship, but it's not clear whether Sidra is even capable of that at this point, and Tak seems fine with xer own species for that. I think I need to go back and read how the Aeluon's switch gender works; I'm unclear how moving from an evolutionary segregated-gender origin to modern mixed gender Aeluon society has caused this to be an issue.

Unfortunately this bit contained the only bad piece of editing I saw:
Tak leaned forward, pressing her ear to the kit. Sidra took a deep breath. ‘Wow,’ Tak said. ‘That’s incredible. But they don’t do anything?’

Aeluon's don't have ears, and elsewhere in the book the author is careful to not call the forehead-mounted auditory sensor an 'ear'.

message 3: by Rob, Mayor of Ghost Town (new) - rated it 4 stars

Rob (robzak) | 6373 comments Mod
I was happy to see that the issues between Sindra and Tak were just a road bump. That was the part of first section I found most interesting for Sindra.

I found the first section a bit slow, especially the Sindra parts. I was more interested in Pepper's past. In this section however, I found both parts more interesting.

It's a much shorter section, but the author really strung along the stuff with Pepper finding the ship. I suspected that's what it was, but we don't find out until the very last sentence of the section.

Before I knew it, I was done with the section not sure where the last few chapters had gone. That was nicely done on the author's part.

In the meantime Sindra has learned lattice and convinced Tak to "operate" on her to remove the part of her code that prevents her from modifying the code herself (and lying apparently).

I really hope Owl is safe!

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