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Looking for a Project? > Some titles and author names (containing diacritics) wrong

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message 1: by Ayshe (last edited Oct 18, 2016 01:13AM) (new)

Ayshe | 3069 comments This book's title (for example): should be "Cours de mathématiques spéciales, tome 1 : Algèbre" instead of "Cours de mathématiques spéciales, tome 1 : Algèbre (Ancien prix éditeur : 30.00 € - Economisez 50 %)"

Search terms that could be used (there are probably others): éditeur
Economisez 50 %

message 2: by Ayshe (last edited Oct 18, 2016 01:43AM) (new)

message 3: by Mike Briggs (new)

Mike Briggs (mikebriggs) | 188 comments Fixed 1 and 2. Also went through and added covers to some of the author's (from message 1) other books, and fixed titles as needed.

message 4: by Ayshe (last edited Dec 28, 2016 03:09AM) (new)

Ayshe | 3069 comments Thank you! Few more links (not all of them French): "Erzںahlungen" should be "Erzählungen" - À - "K Mpfe" should be Kämpfe in most of the results - "Französisch" instead of "Franz Sisch" (or variants) - "à" - ā? ã - Ã - ä ç É é è ë ñ ó Ó ô ò ø Ø ú ù ü Ü "Espaڵna" should be "España" - "Erzںahlung" should be "Erzählung" "España" instead of "Espa~na"

Not quite the same issue, but:

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