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message 1: by Veronica, Supreme Sword (new)

Veronica Belmont (veronicabelmont) | 1680 comments Mod
Hey everyone!

I'm trying to find a quick and dirty way to add ISBN data to a spreadsheet by scanning it with an iphone app. I know you can export Goodreads data, but you have to import and export the entire sheet (and can only do your entire library, not individual shelves).

So, I want to:
1. Scan book with phone
2. Have ISBN data added automatically to a Google Spreadsheet

The end! Any ideas??

message 2: by John (Nevets) (new)

John (Nevets) Nevets (nevets) | 1554 comments I know others on here are much better at doing this sorta thing, and will probably come up with a better answer.

That being said, could you use the "Book Crawler" app to do the scanning, use it's backup function to backup a CSV file to Dropbox, and then have the Google Spreadsheet monitor the Dropbox file? I haven't played much with either to know how automated this would be, or if you have to manually do the backup of BC, or even the import into the G spreadsheet.

Just an idea

message 3: by Rob, Roberator (new)

Rob (robzak) | 6785 comments Mod
So I don't know anything about iTunes, but if you're looking to export one shelf of your good reads data, I have a Java app I wrote that would allow me to quickly create a CSV that could be opened into Google sheets.

It'd probably take a bit of tweaking depending on what you want though.

If scanning books is your only option for input though, I agree with John that finding an existing app that allows you to scan and export to CSV.

message 4: by Mark (new)

Mark (markmtz) | 2354 comments iBookshelf is another app that scans and exports to CSV and save to Dropbox.

message 5: by Michael (new)

Michael (michaelrowe01) There's shelfie...does a pretty good job of converting pics of whole book shelves to the books.

message 6: by Joyce (last edited Oct 16, 2016 07:21PM) (new)

Joyce (eternity21) | 173 comments There is . They have a desktop app, a web app and a mobile app. I use their Barry app to scan my book isbns. When I was moving I used this to record books, DVDs, CDs, comics etc. Took a little getting used to but it saves the isbns and you can email them to yourself in a text file and CVS file as well.

I know you can take all the info you input into the book collectorz app and export it to a google spreadsheet. I've never looked much further than that. I know that's how I got most of my books into goodreads

PS you can use the clz barry app without buying the collectorz book collection app. the Clz app by itself is 9.99 and can be used for android and ios

message 7: by Joyce (new)

Joyce (eternity21) | 173 comments Ok I went and searched and I found the CLZ Barry app and another one named Kinomi Barcode reader. Both required additional downloads on desktop to sync the data up. both can be used with mac or pc, Barry is 9.99 and Kinomi is 5.99 but has a trial with ads for free. Each one worked in both excel and google spreadsheets for me. I selected a square and then scanned and sent the info.

Kinomi did it automatically, Barry pulls the info up about the book and then you send it after you have selected it. Kinomi just does the isbn number no look up. So it just depends on how you want to use it.

Barry connects nicely with Collectorz software which I love but its not necessary. The Collectorz software also free for a trial I think you can put in 100 books to try it out. you can load all the codes in then do a batch search for info about the books.

the barry app you can also email, clipboard, text message the id numbers as well. You can also batch scan the ids then send them later.
The Konami is a like a point and shoot type of app.

I hope this helps. I'm a bit of techno book nerd. LOL

message 8: by Michael (new)

Michael (michaelrowe01) Delicious Library used to have a good iPhone scanner app, and does have an OK MAC App. I've not used it in a long while..

message 9: by Veronica, Supreme Sword (new)

Veronica Belmont (veronicabelmont) | 1680 comments Mod
Thanks everyone! I'll check out these options!

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