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Chapter 7
Kary Kary Oct 15, 2016 07:41PM
This is the thread for you to share your thoughts about Elixir Project chapter 7.

I must say the mention of the 12 clerics is intriguing. So far we know Sienna and her friends are part of the 12 but where are the other 8 ? This leaves me with a couple of other questions one are all the clerics the same age, what determines how you become a cleric and do they have special abilities. Also one other thought the four of them are friends but can they function as a cohesive unit when it's necessary. I also think that SWARM may have a double agent.If a human mind is hackable this would easily be possible for them.Just to clarify are the returning to their college? I find that with every new chapter I have more questions and thoughts that have only been raised as a result of the information provided. Another amazing ride Kary on this Rollercoaster you have us on .Looking forward to more twists and loops ahead.

Sienna and her friends are heading to their college. Will they have to undergo special training? It was mentioned that there will be 12 clerics..how are clerics chosen and what was the criteria? This chapter didn't seem as ominous as the previous, and Sienna and her friends seem to be accepting of what's happening to them. I wonder how Sienna is going to respond to Cai. Looking forward to Chapter 8.

Chapter seven poses even more questions for the reader...which is how a good story hooks us and keeps us reading on and on...

Kary Oberbrunner is a master of suspense and intrigue! Chapter Eight should take us deeper and deeper into the project, giving us more reasons to keep reading!

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