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Create your character here! (Don't move on unless character has been approved.)
Here's a template please, include the following things:

•Characters Name:
•Characters Age:
•School: Good or Evil
•Finger Glow

•Favorite Things such as books, class, food, drink, show, etc.)
•Anything else you feel like you should add for your character

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Erin | 43 comments Mod
Name: Jade of of Bayern
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
School: Good
Parent(s): Anidori-Kiladra Talianna (Ani/Isi) and Geric
Finger Glow: A bright red

Personality: Jade is a lot like her mother and is kind toward others, she can understand both animal-speaking like her mother and the another gift nature-speaking. Jade is outgoing, but hates getting too much attention. She is musical and is very colorful considering colors were apart of her home. She is intelligent and helpful, always willing to drop everything to give one person a piece of advice no matter how big or small. She likes playing instruments, singing, other musical things, her family, her home, nature/outdoors, learning, animals, traveling, exploring, and new adventures. She dislikes people who think they're perfect and then point out everyone's flaws, people who hurt someone else on purpose, limits to creativity, and rules. Some of her strengths are her honesty, her kindness, her respect, her knowledgeable mind. Some of her weaknesses are

Appearance: Jade has blond curly hair and green eyes. Her skin is fair and her lips are a light, but not pale pink. She's got an oval face, high forehead, dark blue, deep-set eyes, arched eyebrows, narrow nose, and curled-up lips

Pet: A orange male cat named Jasper

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