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Harvest Moon (A New World, #1)
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Tonya Coffey (tonyacoffey) | 57 comments Hi all,

I would love to have more reviews on here and on amazon for my YA fantasy books. To celebrate the upcoming release of Pink Moon, the third book in my series, I am giving away 10 ePub or mobi copies of my first two books in the series.

Harvest Moon ( A New World, #1) Harvest Moon (A New World, #1) by Tonya Coffey
Blurb: Seventeen-year-old Jessa lives in the remote mountains of Kentucky and has always found peace in the forest. Close to her eighteenth birthday, her dad buys her a book and things begin to happen. With her dreams leading her, she uncovers a world within her own with Faeries. They look and act like people she grew up with but she quickly finds she is the one who is different. She is the hidden heir to the throne and the Faeries need her to come home and save them from the Trolls. If it wasn’t difficult enough for Jessa to move to a different world, she has to marry the man who saved her from the Trolls when all she wants to do is run to his best friend, Micha. With so much to worry about, how can she keep the Faery realm from falling into the hands of the evil Trolls and the Ancients?

Snow Moon ( A New World, #2) Snow Moon (A New World, #2) by Tonya Coffey
Blurb: Jessa, the queen of the Faeries, finds herself in the midst of disappearances. When she investigates those who have vanished, she discovers a rogue Sylph. He is ridding the realm of the ones he believes are diseased with the help of Trolls. Together, Micha and Jessa discover their bloodline is more than they thought. They are both descendants of Ancients and Sylphs making them the true Elementals. The very people the Sylph is wanting rid of. If it wasn’t enough, trying to protect her people, and the one she loves, Jessa is forced to let Micha go. She pushes him to go to the Ancients where he will be safe from the Sylph’s wrath. When Jessa is convicted of meddling in the Sylph’s business, she is sentenced to death. Micha, accepting his new role as the Ancient king, wields their power and frees Jessa from the clutches of the Executioners. Will Micha and Jessa save the Elementals, and themselves, or will the Sylph take control of the realms?

Tonya Coffey (tonyacoffey) | 57 comments Book 3 will be out this month if you'd like to have it as well!

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Lilly Charysma | 8 comments hi, i would love to read and review the series :) please e-mail me at if you're still in need of a reviewer.

thanks a lot!

Tonya Coffey (tonyacoffey) | 57 comments Lilly wrote: "hi, i would love to read and review the series :) please e-mail me at if you're still in need of a reviewer.

thanks a lot!"

Absolutely! Thank you so much!

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