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Mary (marissa_214) | 131 comments Any recommendations for sagas where some evil villain is redeemed whether through love or friendship or whatever, then backslides into villainy, maybe due to some misunderstanding, and must be re-redeemed? I guess I'm in the mood for some drama. :) I'm ok with most genres though I was thinking about fantasy/romance or period (historical) drama. Does not have to be an actual romance (aka happily ever after guaranteed) just looking for some good quality writing. Thanks in advance!

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Cara's Craftsations | 1630 comments The Rose Society The Young Elites book two.
the author Marie Lu compared MC Adelina to Darth Vader POV. It explores the darker, more complex sides of psychologically unstable villains

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Jyothi Reddy | 9 comments Virtue and vanity

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Mary (marissa_214) | 131 comments Jyothi, do you mean the title by Astrid Jane Ray?

Thanks for the recs!

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Rachie2929 | 29 comments In Poison Princess by Kresley Cole, Death kinda is, but you don't see him being good until Endless Knight (the second book) and the books after that. The series isn't complete yet, though

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