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Jack Frost, Jaquelyn, Jackie:  {The empress of winter; The lonely white wolf } (elchornoboy) | 8145 comments Here we go! If you have any ideas please put them down.

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Hey sorry for the late reply! I've been busy lately but finally able to get back to role playing again.

You Are Cordially Invited: Muse A is an aspiring newcomer to their field of work, and though they have a passion for it, they lack the resources and connections to succeed and achieve what they want to do. By a stroke of luck, they are invited to a very prestigious banquet which some of the best and most talented persons in their field will attend. Hoping to make connections that will propel them to success, Muse A happily and eagerly accepts the invitation, and begins making plans on what they would wear, who they would see and what they would say. They are positive that this night will change their life forever. For the night of the party, they brush up on their manners, collect their formal wear, and rent a very nice car to make an impression. At the party, among the ball gowns, tuxedos and flowing wine, Muse A meets Muse B, a very successful and wealthy person and, frankly, one of Muse A’s idols. Muse A is excited to be speaking with Muse B and asks plenty of questions, which Muse B graciously answers. Towards midnight, the host of the banquet announces that it’s time to eat. Muse A is confused, as they have been eating hor d'oeuvres all night, but confusion turns to terror as the host grabs a guest and sinks his teeth into her neck, blood spilling over the stage and an ear-splitting shriek filling the venue. Muse A turns to Muse B in shock and horror, only to find Muse B grinning with deadly fangs stretching out of their gums. Will Muse A escape? Or will they become Muse B’s prey?

Jack Frost, Jaquelyn, Jackie:  {The empress of winter; The lonely white wolf } (elchornoboy) | 8145 comments How about You Are Cordially Invited. Which one would you like to be?
Muse A or Muse B?

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) | 5474 comments It's fine by me. Muse A if it's alright?

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) | 5474 comments Awesome. Does mid 20s sound alright? I was thinking for Muse A is around that and the profession, would be like a photographer or a writer. Then for templates did you want to go, with short and simple or detailed?

Jack Frost, Jaquelyn, Jackie:  {The empress of winter; The lonely white wolf } (elchornoboy) | 8145 comments I usually go with short and simple. Sure mid 20s will work. Will you be post yours first?

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Yeah. Sorry it took awhile I'm in the midst multitasking at the moment. I wasn't for sure if you wanted to play the guy or not, but I can always change it if, you would like me to?

Exception of piercing; is her
left cartilage piercing only

[ Name ] Cassandra Moore

[ Nicknames ] Cass, Sadie or Sads

[ Age ] 23

[ Species ] Human

[ Profession ] Fine Arts Photographer

Jack Frost, Jaquelyn, Jackie:  {The empress of winter; The lonely white wolf } (elchornoboy) | 8145 comments not it is fine. I was planning on playing the guy. I am going to eat dinner now. I will be back in 10-20 minutes. My character will be up by the time I get back.

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) | 5474 comments Alright, take your time.

Jack Frost, Jaquelyn, Jackie:  {The empress of winter; The lonely white wolf } (elchornoboy) | 8145 comments Name: Nickolas Valinsky
Age: 150

Species: Vampire

History: TBRP'D

((what do you think?))

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) | 5474 comments [It looks good to me. I switched the picture, for my character that's all. Did you want to start off at the beginning of the party; where she's getting ready? Or did you want to just jump right in, where she's right there alongside everyone, else including your character?]

Jack Frost, Jaquelyn, Jackie:  {The empress of winter; The lonely white wolf } (elchornoboy) | 8145 comments ((Just one or two posts when they are getting ready and then skip to the party))

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) | 5474 comments [Maybe like two posts, for starters?]

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) | 5474 comments [Yeah, if you could please.]

Jack Frost, Jaquelyn, Jackie:  {The empress of winter; The lonely white wolf } (elchornoboy) | 8145 comments ((okay. Sorry for taking so long.))

Nickolas stood at the window of his office. Tonight was the night. It was the banquet for all wealthy and talented people the company has brought in. He glanced down at his wrist watch as he knew it was almost time to head down to the hall. Just a few more minutes and then he would head down. After all he is and was the famous Nickolas Valinsky.

He fixed the cuffs of his tuxedo before heading to the door of his office; he decided to take the elevator since he he did not care how he got down to the hall. He did have the option of jumping out the window and flying down, but he would be exposing himself.

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[It's good. I've just been having writer's block on and off lately; so when it's good I may be able to reply for the whole day, or other times every other day so you know.]

Cassandra was getting ready for the banquet, knowing very shortly her ride would arrive soon. Being she rented a very nice and higher up limousine. Cassandra wanted to make a good impression and hopefully... maybe get recognized, or at least some helpful tips from some people within her area, to get her started in the right direction. She was a fine arts photographer, and that as a physical career was hard enough on it's own. Whether freelance or not. If you took a good picture with the right lighting, organizing it how you saw fit - well it mattered greatly but a newcomer, to it was like a 50/50 chance to get someone; to see your works and take you under your wing. Just hopefully this night would be the greatest night of her life. Or so she hoped it to be.

When it came close to the driver picking her up, she fixed her makeup real quickly, made sure her navy jeweled gown was in place, then headed downstairs of her place to get her black pumps, and purse before awaiting for the driver to pull up in her driveway.

"You'll be fine Cass just remember how you practiced. Nice and easy when you talk, steady and slow, don't try and see how fast you can speak even if you are nervous."She muttered to keep her nerves under wraps. It wasn't just her being really nervous and excited at the same time. Or the impression which would be immensely helpful...but the fact she was scared if she did something wrong, she was done for. Cassandra Moore would have to start back at square one all over again.

(view spoiler)

Jack Frost, Jaquelyn, Jackie:  {The empress of winter; The lonely white wolf } (elchornoboy) | 8145 comments ((okay good to know.))

Nickolas's eye skimmed the crowd; for some reason he did not see anyone that seemed interesting. It was just that this was the beginning of the night and there would be many possible opportunities to see who he might like to dig in first. He bit his lip before making his way to the hall where he was greeted by some of the people who worked at his company.

He gave them a light smile, "Mr. Valinksy, what a pleasure to see you this evening. We thought you might not show." One of the young men, about late twenties spoke.
Nickolas chuckled, "I how could I miss a banquet like this if I am hosting it?" He nodded and smiled at the man, "I would love to chat, but I have to go meet with everyone else. Would you excuse me?" He turned and went to search for one of his fellow vampires and an old friend.

Nickolas Valinksy made his way around the room, catching a few glances from the woman, but trying to ignore them as there was something on his mind, but he had no idea what it was.

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Arriving at the place a little later than everyone else, but not quite that early as well, excitement filled her and curiosity. Cassandra got out of the limousine and closed the door behind her, before paying the driver the amount he told her... before telling him she would pay him later, from there back to her place as well. She slowly watched as the limousine driver drove off before turning around, and holding the bottom half of her dress so she wouldn't fall along with her purse.

Tonight was just going to be wonderful. To everyone else it probably looked like she was a giddy school girl awaiting for her crush to tell her he loved her and so on; but in reality it was actually the stepping one for her career. Who knows, maybe her - the amateur - the newbie could actually get the ball rolling with this banquet in mind. Shrugging off her worry and with the help of taking some deep breaths, she opened the door to the building, and heading down the hall with a friendly smile, planted upon her face.

Cass gave curt polite nods to some who smiled, and greeted her somewhat warmly while others gawked and probably, wondered who the new girl was. When she heard her phone go off, knowing it was probably a text from her good friend Scarlet she looked at it quickly, not realizing she bumped into someone. Not knowing who it was.

Hope your having fun tonight, Sadie! I know you're going to rock this, besides I believe in you. If they don't see how good or talented you are it's their loss. Text me later with all the details. ;)

"Real smart, Cass looking at it and being so clumsy about now."She muttered before making eye contact with the person. "Sorry, I wasn't paying attention. It's my fault, wasn't looking where I was going."She stated politely.

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Nickolas had just found his friend when he felt something, no someone bump into him. Without thinking he reached out to steady them. He glanced down and smiled when he saw who bumped into him. "No need apologize Cass." He turned to his friend and smiled as he gave him a look that he should go.

It took less than a second before he placed his gaze back on Cass."are you okay?" He asked sweetly. "You are not hurt are you?" He added in.

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Cassandra looked up at him smiling small before realizing who it was. How stupid she felt not realizing him, from the get go or bumping into.. being super clumsy. It was Nickolas Valinsky. One of the world's top fine art photographers. He was definitely well known and made her purse it. Even pushing through the days in college, when all she wanted to do was give up. Then again she was still partially in college, finishing last minute - required things to actually be done.

"I'm fine, just clumsy and not used to these types of events you could. Or being invited so nervous is one way to put it."She laughed softly trying to hide her worry; or her slight blush because her idol was standing right in front of her. "No of course not. I mean you are Nickolas Valinsky after all. One of the top photographers of the world. Your work is very good, exquisite really, Mr. Valinsky. Your work along with my passion for photography ever since I was little made me want to become a fine art photographer really."Cass stated with excitement not knowing it was more than your usual type of excitement. "I'm Cassandra Moore, most just call me Cass. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance."

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Nickolas smiled at Cass, "it is nice to meet you Cass." He gave her a small smile before let his hand drop to his side. I have heard a lot about you." He added in. "I will have to take that as a compliment." He spoke.

He looked her in the eyes as she was just out of the ordinary. For some reason, he could feel something, but he did not think much of it. "Now that you have met your idol, what are you going to do?" He questioned Cass.

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[ Sorry it took awhile. I just got done with dinner ]

"I'd hope you take it as a compliment."She stated softly trying to be on her best behavior. By at least trying to not be so nervous like she was right now, blushing almost scarlet, or even being so giddy with excitement. Cass, usually was a calm and relaxed person but it had to be due to meeting Nickolas. It really had to. Otherwise she didn't know any other reason why, she would be acting the way she did.

Cass was somewhat surprised by his question, but more of what was she going to do? She didn't even think it out that far. Maybe just meet him, get some recognition, and find a way to start her career. The question made her contemplate about her future - what was truly in store for her. Cassandra probably stood there for a few minutes straight deep in thought, thinking his question over very carefully before she even started speaking again. "I would be more than appreciated really, if you or someone else could take me, under their wing and give me some help. What I mean by help is, that I don't have any resources nor connections to really get my artwork up and running."She stated quietly. "More importantly I'm not sure where to start from square one."

Jack Frost, Jaquelyn, Jackie:  {The empress of winter; The lonely white wolf } (elchornoboy) | 8145 comments ((It is fine))

Nickolas looked at her as he could tell how nervous she felt. He listened to her as he was unsure how he should respond. "You want me to take you under my wing? Isn't that a little too much?" He chucked as he would do it, but he had never done anything like this before. "I am not saying that I am agreeing to do it, I just have never taken anyone under my wing before." He informed her as he knew if he did, she would not last.

He smiled at her, "but I am not saying that I will not think about it." Mr. Valinsky pointed out. "Any other questions you would like to ask me?" He pondered on what other possible questions this girl Cass could come up with.

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"Yes, I know it's a lot but I don't mean necessarily it has to be you, Mr. Valinsky. Just any few people you may know of who could help me out. Knowing of course your probably busy every day, and have clients to attend to, so I would hate to be a bother to you."She stated with a gentle smile feeling her worry slowly melt away. It was still there and she could definitely tell but it didn't quite show clear on her face, or register on her body. More of her confidence showed through, and what she really came here for. "It's quite understandable and I would feel the shear perplexity of it if I were you as well but I'm not. I'm just trying to make a good fresh start, knowing quite well a photographer at the start is very limited; if by chance, or luck to have resources, or anybody who could help them out. Where it be through freelance or even a art gallery simply."

The following words he said after hers, more than made her smile. It made her laugh and smile greatly, on the inside. She wouldn't regret it or even forget about this moment at all. "I heard you fell in love with photography when you were little as well, around your twelve birthday from what I recalled. But after that, all of your history didn't add up. What really got you into photography is what I would like to know? Your art tells it all, but hearing your story would make it more interesting. Though, we should probably be heading to the table, as dinner will be served soon."Cassandra said.

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He smiled at her. "There really is not much to say about how I got into photography." He answered Cass's question. Mr. Valinksy looked at Cass just as his friend got onto the stage. It was matter of seconds before he had gotten everyone's attention, "I would like everyone's attention. I am sure everyone has talked to Mr. Valinsky. He has done an excellent job at getting this banquet together. Please give a hand to Mr. Valinsky." He pointed to Nickolas; everyone clapped as Nick waved back.
"You did not have to introduce me." He spoke as he could feel everyone looking at him.
"Now can I ask a young lady to come up to the stage?" He asked everyone.

The vampire looked at his friend and waited for the cue; this was it. The moment he was waiting for. His eyes began to turn jet black as he could feel his knines getting sharper. Nickolas closed his mouth as he did not want Cass to notice.

((I cannot spell this one word, sorry about that.))

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[ It's alright. ]

Cassandra merely nodded as she thought it was, best not to ask anymore, kind of seeing it was a don't ask don't tell policy for him. But what was perplexing was Mr. Valinsky's friend standing on stage introducing Mr. Valinsky himself, when it should have been done at least before dinner she assumed. Something definitely felt off balanced and she didn't know what it was. Just something in her gut told her it wasn't right, but of course she never listened to her instincts. Cass just clapped alongside everyone else, till she started walking to the nearest wall she could lean against.

As she watched with curious eyes and fear.. she didn't know if she should've run while she had the chance, or stay where she was frozen in terror? Something about asking for a young woman to come up to the stage didn't seem right. There were numerous reasons that could be explained, but Cass - herself couldn't even think of one.

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A woman stepped up and waited; Nickolas's friend took his hand in his before pulling her close do he could get a nice view of her neck. The next move was cue Mr. Valinsky was waiting for.

He turned his head and noticed Cass not next to him. He glanced around at where she was. It was that moment when he could smell the blood dripping from woman's neck. He cracked his neck as he made his way to where Cass might have gone to. The vampire did eventually spot her. He stood above her as he was thirsty for some blood, possible hers.

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Just one look at the woman on stage, made her cringe seeing what she didn't want to believe. Nickolas's friend mouth was on her neck, fangs pierce deep into her throat, with blood oozing down and dripping onto the floor. He was a vampire and so was Nickolas. The idol she loved more than anything was a vampire. Something that shook her to her core. Cass should have just stayed home; none of this would've happened, if she didn't come here. She would've been safe and not dead. If that so be it.

Cass took her shoes off real quickly before grasping onto them tightly and feeling someone's eyes upon her, not even caring anymore..only just wanting to run and run far away from here. More than likely it was Nickolas Valinsky himself, for all she cared she ran hoping just to make it to the doors in time. Knowing very well he was standing right above her only a few seconds ago.

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Nickolas was right behind Cass the whole way as he could hear chaos and screaming in the banquet hall. It was in the matter of time he was in front on Cass. "Where do you think you are going?" He made sure she could not escape from the building.

Nickolas licked his lips as he could see the veins on her neck. "The party has just begun." He glared into her eyes. He did not want to pierce through her skin and drink her blood, but yet he did not want to all at the same time. Maybe he could spare her just this once, but how would he get her back? That was the question.

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Cassandra wasn't able to make it to the doors in time, like she anticipated it to be. Of course, she hoped she would be able to and leave this god forsaken place, she was truly looking forward to. This wasn't even a invitation for fun, learning, or having some insight for her specifically; it was an invitation so humans could become prey to vampires. How pathetic and stupid she was to fall for it. Her stubbornness, and confidence seemed to get the best of this very moment. Before she even had a chance to take another step he was right in front of her. "Hm..I guess the best answer I would have to say is out, but that wasn't going to happen now was it?"Cass scoffed shaking her head in disappointment. "This wasn't an invitation at all. None of these guests even knew it I bet. It was a ploy to have fun and drink as much blood as vampires can isn't it?"

When she shook her head once more it was out of frustration, but mostly fear and worry. She was only putting on a act because deep down she was scared for her life. In a normal situation given all the circumstances her confidence, and headstrong persona would be alright. But this wasn't any normal situation. This was one with vampires and humans alike.. just like her idol.. Nickolas standing before her a vampire in its own right wanting to drink her dry like a blood bag. Cass was frozen in fear more than she wanted to be, or his words making her want to fight him; out but if she did he would be able to stop her, before she even had the chance. One look at him told her she was done. The way he licked his lips ready to dig in to his victim or how his eyes was black and how she was trying her best, to not stare directly into them. Looking anywhere else but his eyes.

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Nickolas could tell how frustrated and disappointed she was. He did not have a kind heart, he was a ruthless vampire that drinks human blood. He needed to say something, but what?

"Some of us vampires are not that bad, We only drink human blood once a month..." He spoke as he kept his fangs out and ready to bite. It was the truth. Plus he really wanted to sink his teeth into her skin. Mr. Valinksy could smell it, but he could tell that if he drank her blood, she would die.

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He had a point about it but not whole entirely. From what she read about vampires or saw in movies some were friendly and helped humans, in almost anyway or tried to hurt them as little as possible. While the other kind wanted humans: dead because they exposed them due to fear, due to the fact they were awful to this world; even drinking them dry and breaking them apart afterwards. That however, was going way overboard - overly dramatic to put it nicely. You could saw, Cassandra or Sadie liked the idea behind supernatural beings and what they stood for. But in this sense it worried her and confused her. Why out of now would they do such a thing to humans? It really made no sense. That wasn't even including her fear.. deep down she liked the existence of witches/warlocks, vampires, demons, angels of any kind but on the surface level, coming face to face wasn't as cool as it seemed in her head. Quite horrifying not knowing what could happen to you right then. Then again she ran for the worry within her - maybe her sanity? How she went from complete worry, fear, concern, wanting to run away, "I really would love to get the hell out of here" just going with it was..well perplexing really. Who even knows what goes through her mind anymore.

"Is that so?"Cass asked softly letting her shoes drop to the floor, making a clatter sound against the tiled ground. "You'd be the first as a vampire to be considerate or kind. Not just meeting you in person or from media based. Or maybe that's because my fear and worry are being, really off balanced so to speak." Laughing mostly to herself feeling like it reminded her of some moment, which she couldn't recall crystal clear. Sadie, pulled her hair to one side of her neck sighing quietly before stating, "If you really must drink blood from a human go ahead. Just please don't drink a whole lot. And I'm not just saying this calmly because I would lose if I ran away but for the fact I don't mind it. I don't if it's because of my interest of supernatural beings even if my anxiety says otherwise or something else really."

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Mr. Valinksy almost backed down a bit. Did she really just offer herself to him? He was just going to let her go, that is until she pulled the hair off of her neck. This was his chance, was he going to blow it? He stepped closer before leaning in and biting down into her skin. It took almost ten to twenty seconds before he was able to taste her blood.

Nickolas soon stepped back, wiping the blood off of his face and tasting the last drops on his fingers. His eyes changed back while his fangs disappeared. The vampire did not know what to say. This had never happened before where he let one go. Nick could tell Cass was different from everyone else.

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Cass waited to see what, he would do or his reaction at least. From the looks of it not a whole lot would offer themselves to a vampire. It wasn't normal in any sense, most would run away if they saw one not actually offer themselves or their blood. It was...well quite delusional.

When she felt his fangs pierce her neck she couldn't help gasping, or even cringing due to the bite; almost becoming painful on it's own. Dizziness was probably another effect but if it was for him, well she wouldn't mind. Even if he was a vampire and this had, to happen it could be their secret.

"You weren't expecting that were you now? I kind of assumed so, but I don't mind." She breathed as she tried her best to wipe any blood left over, from the two puncture wounds on the side of her neck. "What does this mean now for me? Your going to erase my memory, of this aren't you? Do we ever meet again after this?" She asked curiously, wonder and fascination showing in her eyes.

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Nickolas looked at her before turning and heading right out of the doors. He transformed into his bat form as he really did not know what to do. He flew up into the air and towards the roof of the building. It took him to recompose himself. He bit his lip as he tried to come up with something. He knew about her, her name and everything; he could contact her, but the question is to either wipe her memory or leave her be. He stared down at the cars leaving, who were the other vampires.

Letting a human go was not his thing, plus she had offered herself. His friend was going to ask him later when the clan meets in a week. Nick sighed made his way back to his office. He was in no rush, plush he wanted to take a cold shower to clean up a bit.

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[Sorry for my disappearance, I forgot to mention I was going to be missing for those days. But so you know for future reference I might be gone like two or three days due to college and other things; but I'll still reply. It might be late.]

The way he abruptly left, seemed normal but also very confusing. He probably didn't want to deal with her now... or was it never again? Not now, not later, not in the near future? There were numerous answers of possibilities she could think of, but some didn't make the list and some were right on the money. Cass thought something along these lines.

1.) I was hesitant but I wasn't afraid of him which by some didn't make sense. Some vampires don't even know what to say to that thinking humans are fearful of them. So he probably left for that. Or... 2.) I offered myself, even moving my hair off my neck while requesting he didn't drink my blood dry. Maybe that was it. He wasn't used to someone offering themselves, completely without even thinking. As if it was merely on impulse.

Cassandra slumped down to the ground, sighing as she raked her hand through her hair. She didn't know what to do or even to think. For all she knew, going home sounded nice. Maybe... getting out of this dress and just going to sleep till she decided otherwise.

Jack Frost, Jaquelyn, Jackie:  {The empress of winter; The lonely white wolf } (elchornoboy) | 8145 comments ((Yeah, that is fine. Same with me I will let you know too as well.))

Nickolas stared up at the ceiling as cold water ran down his body; he sighed as he really did not know what to do. I have never seen any human offer themselves me. What was she thinking? He thought as he stepped out of the shower and dried himself off. He changed into something comfortable.

He was glad that he had gotten some food. He was set for now, until tomorrow night when he will need some more blood from the freezer. The vampire laid down wondering what Cass was thinking about.

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[Alright, sounds good. Just wanted to let you know so you didn't worry. Because I would probably do the same.]

When she called for her ride, she got up and took her shoes from the ground as she recomposed herself so she looked presentable when he came back, or he would've thought something horribly wrong happened to her. Nothing horribly wrong. But something happened and with that notion she opened the doors hearing her phone go off, saying her ride would come shortly.

"Some of us vampires aren't that bad. We only drink human blood once a month." Those very words kept seemingly repeated itself in her thoughts every time she wondered on about it; like a spiderweb branching out with with different thoughts, different possibilities. Different questions even? Maybe he was right. He was one of those considerate vampires. Only drinking a few drops and letting her go. Or he was being nice because he dark intentions later on?

"Are you Miss Cassandra More?" The driver called out as he rolled down the window. It had to take a few minutes to even realize he was sitting there but for how long? Her thoughts almost was her, day dreams until his voice of course reminded her where she was at. "Yes I am. Sorry, it's been a long night..just really out of it as you can tell." She laughed softly opening the backseat door and closing it behind her. "It's alright, I've had those days as well. To your house I'm assuming?" He asked before she replied with a simple nod and then they were off.

Later on, at home she was in bed trying her best to sleep but tossing and turning wasn't helping, nor the thoughts running through her head, or the voices. "Some vampires aren't bad." His voice kept resonating through her mind. It was only when she started dreaming where things turned for the worst. Everything was peaceful until she started seeing vampires and herself being surrounded by them... their fangs out ready to drink her blood dry. "She looks quite tasty doesn't she?"One added. "Oh I bet she does, so young and ripe..better than the other's."Sounding like a male and a female voice then chiming in at the same time. From what she was able to tell she was on a bed or some sort of table and Nickolas wasn't anywhere to be found. Until he was standing beside her. "I told you not to listen to me and now look what you have done? I brought you here and all they want is your blood nothing more. Vampires are bad and cruel. Whoever said they aren't is a lie."

Cass looked at him before she started screaming nearly waking herself to sleep and feeling little beads of sweat on her forehead, gasping for air now. "It was just a dream. Just a horrible dream and nothing more. Just a bad nightmare that you know won't ever happen again."She breathed before looking at the clock on the nightstand reading, "three-thirty a.m."

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Nick laid there as he was wide awake. He took a deep breath in and smiled hoping he got to see Cass again it was not until he decided to call his secretary. It did not take long to get a hold of her even if it was very early in the morning.

"Yes, I would like you to call or text Cassandra More." He spoke calmly as he remembered that he had spoken to Cass about the whole mentor. "I would like you to inform her that I will take her under the wing." He smiled to himself before recomposing himself. "And make sure she comes straight to my office no later than eight am." He added in before hanging up making his way to the kitchen.

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"Only three-thirty? I swore it was later than that. It must've been from all the drinking that I was so exhausted or just worry."She muttered laughing softly before heading back to sleep and hoping to get some rest. That was before she heard her phone go off.

Sighing as she picked it up. "Who is it now at this hour of the morning?"She groaned before looking at the caller ID. As she picked up thinking what to say, but instead hearing someone speak, "This Mr. Valinsky's secretary, he informed me to tell you Miss. Moore he would take you under his wing and wants you at his office directly at eight am sharp. Have a good night Miss.Moore."

Did she hear what she, thought she heard? Clicking her phone off. Meeting, Nickolas tomorrow... well that was going to be interesting. Even delightful.

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Nickolas sat at his desk with the shades down as he waited for Cass. He had been waiting since six am in the morning. It was now twenty minutes till eight. He knew that she still had time to get to his office if she was not in the building yet.

The vampire shuffled some papers as just as his secretary peeked her head in. "You have someone on line one." She spoke before getting back to her desk. Mr. Valinsky picked the phone on the desk and recognized the voice.
"Nickolas, where did you go last night? We got more that we had bargained for." The other man chuckled. "I want to hear if you drank anything last night."
"I will tell you at the meeting next week." Nickolas spoke to him before hanging up and waiting patiently for Cass to show up.

He began to come up with something to say to her. Would she forgive him and would he forgive her? That was the question. He did save her life so it kind of made sense if he maybe apologized and hoped she forgave him. On the bad side, she knows about him being a vampire. It is going to stick unless he wiped her memory.

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Cassandra was nearly rushing with her makeup, as she decided to take a cab instead of drive herself and mess up along the way. Aside from the fact she was tired and didn't want it, to show on her face at all. Only by the time she looked at her phone it read "seven forty-five"...well hopefully she would make it in time because the driver was getting closer to Mr. Valinsky's building and if that didn't help enough, she told him she would tip him to get her there in time which did work somehow for her.

By the time she got there she paid the driver including the tip before heading out with her bag, including her laptop if he needed to see any of her pictures that were taken. You could basically say, she was trying to prepare herself for the what-if scenario. But she shrugged it off, as she went to find the nearest bathroom on the main floor; to do last minute touch ups with her makeup, making sure her clothes were in place, and her hair didn't look frizzy or appearing to be messy.

Cass, headed to the elevator after being told his office was on the fifteenth floor - so she knew somewhat of what, she was doing - if meant asking for help and not looking clueless as ever. Which she probably did or so she thought. "Maybe it's just your nerves getting the best of you as usual, Sadie. Let's not forget he did drink your blood right?"She mutterer, nearly blushing at the surface remembering it quite clearly. It wasn't like she didn't enjoy it, but now she had to show him who she was, especially because he was going to mentor her and trying to not look, like a idiot in the process.

When she heard the elevator made a chime sound, forgetting where she was for a second... she pulled herself together before getting out of the elevator and making her way down the hall to the office which proclaimed to be Mr. Valinsky's office. "Can I help you Miss?" The secretary asked when she walked inside. "Oh..umm I'm here to see, Mr. Valinsky at eight. If you can tell him I'm here that would be great."

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Mr. Valinksy sat at his desk waiting for just as he could hear footsteps outside the door. He knew it was Cass no doubt about it. It was not long after when the phone rang. "Cass is here to see you Mr. Valinksy." He heard his secretary informed him.
"Send her in." Nickolas spoke before hanging up.

"He is ready to see you." She informed Cass. just before she went back to doing her work.

The vampire's mind wandered as he needed to compose himself. He really needed to compose himself and make sure, if he still had a weird feeling about Cass, then he would need to try and not think about what happened last night. He took in a deep breath as there were only five minutes left until he needed to meet with her.

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Cass took her bag along with her jacket, before heading to his office and taking a deep breath, trying to relax her nerves. She figured if her heart beat faster, he would be able to tell she was nervous or her veins - enticing him to drink her blood. But if she was relaxed, very calm...well nothing bad would happen. Just maybe her excitement would show through, and that was the only thing she hoped.

Opening the door to his office, her eyes were drawn automatically his face before how he was dressed. She didn't know if she was undressed, or how his suit looked almost tight against him - that made her feel like it was warm in the room. Cass, shrugged it off before she even spoke. The words coming off her tongue before she even thought the, "Good morning, Mr. Valinsky. A pleasure to see you again."She laughed softly smiling. Just hoping her blush didn't surface to her cheeks quickly versus her words.

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