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message 1: by Scout (new)

Scout (goodreadscomscout) | 3389 comments Before I ever heard about Hillary's role in Benghazi, I saw the report of Christopher Stevens's death on the news, and I cried. He was a good man trying to make peace. Now I know that he had asked for increased security at his embassy, and it wasn't forthcoming. I researched the responsibilities of the Secretary of State, and they follow:

(b) Overseas evacuations: The Secretary of State shall develop and implement policies and programs to provide for the safe and efficient evacuation of United States Government personnel, dependents, and private United States citizens when their lives are endangered. Such policies shall include measures to identify high risk areas where evacuation may be necessary and, where appropriate, providing staff to United States Government missions abroad to assist in those evacuations. In carrying out these responsibilities, the Secretary shall—
(1) develop a model contingency plan for evacuation of personnel, dependents, and United States citizens from foreign countries;
(2) develop a mechanism whereby United States citizens can voluntarily request to be placed on a list in order to be contacted in the event of an evacuation, or which, in the event of an evacuation, can maintain information on the location of United States citizens in high risk areas submitted by their relatives;
(3) assess the transportation and communications resources in the area being evacuated and determine the logistic support needed for the evacuation; and
(4) develop a plan for coordinating communications between embassy staff, Department of State personnel, and families of United States citizens abroad regarding the whereabouts of those citizens.

She did none of those things, and that was her job. I can't forgive her for the deaths of those good people on her watch.

message 2: by Scout (new)

Scout (goodreadscomscout) | 3389 comments Right. This is what Hillary supporters do. Ignore the bad shit she's done. Vote for her no matter what because she's a Democrat. It's ironic that the evil Republicans have turned against their candidate for moral reasons. You have to admire them because they know it means their party will lose. Democrats don't give a shit about integrity. If they did, they would turn against Hillary, with good reason.

message 3: by CD (new)

CD  | 1446 comments There is another investigation into email, etc. that has emerged just 11 days prior to the election.

It is not that HRC is, or is not, 'guilty' but that the perception of corruption and misbehavior has followed her for over thirty years. HRC just can't shake the negatives and combined with her disregard for those who disagree with her is she really that good of an option?

Didn't the US decide eight years ago that there was a better choice?

To clarify for all concerned, not voting for HRC doesn't mean voting for 'The Donald'.

message 4: by Scout (new)

Scout (goodreadscomscout) | 3389 comments Any thinking person, Democrat or Republican, knows that deleting emails was an admission of guilt. Looks like there may be proof now. I'm no Trump lover, but I'd like to see a Clinton held accountable at last.

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