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Title: Xenophobia
Author: S. B. Roozenboom
Genre: Young Adult / Science Fiction
: Formats Available: Mobi, Pdf
Pages: 320


It's been two centuries since the Telumiras arrived and settled on Earth, changing everything including the genetic makeup of humans.

Living in the section of land occupied by her own kind, Ness Kimler tries to be a normal teenager, worrying about her career and finding a mate, questions to be answered at her upcoming graduation.

But before she can make any sense of the answers she receives, Ness accidentally crosses the Great Fence separating humans and Telumiras. For 200 years, the barrier has been in place, preserving the peace on a planet divided between two species.

What she finds is that the Fence isn't just about keeping the aliens in; it's about keeping the humans out.

And Ness Kimler just broke the rules

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