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The Light Between Oceans
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The Light Between Oceans

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Kenneth Hardcastle | 166 comments Mod
I'll be real, I chose this book as a popular read featuring something that fascinates me, lighthouses. It was serendipity that a film came out at the same time we have this discussion. I found some awesome pictures of lighthouses that I'll be sharing here. We don't have the big screen this week (we will meet in the gallery because the auditorium is having new carpet installed), but it will work out.

Anyway, weigh in as you like. What did you think of the novel? Were the events too forced for you? Personally, I rather enjoyed the humor in the writing and the omniscient narrator despite the melodramatic content. The discussion is at 7 PM tomorrow. See you soon!

message 3: by Lucy (new)

Lucy (lucy47) | 149 comments What indeed! It didn't do it for me, and I'm pretty sure RLS had something more ethereal than bread, butter and rainbow sprinkles in mind when he offered "fairy bread" to his love!

Teresa | 63 comments Yeah, I was surprised and I didn't like it that much

Kenneth Hardcastle | 166 comments Mod
As a coda to the discussion, here is my saga to find the owner of the picture found in Anne's book.

Using library detective skills, I found the last person who had the collection checked out. She identified the boy in the picture as Weston, the son of a friend. He was sitting with the Easter Bunny and their school mascot Fireball. I asked if she wanted the photo back. She said she would check with her friend and let me know. She has not written back.

There is also no word on what kind of creature Fireball is supposed to be.

Anne | 135 comments Mod
Weston! Fireball!!! YAAAAAASSSSS!

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