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The Bay Murders
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J.D. Lerro (jdlerro) | 2 comments Please add this paperback edition to my author's page:

Title: The Bay Murders
Author: J. D. Lerro
ISBN-10: 1539337928
ISBN-13: 978-1539337928
Publisher: CreateSpace
Publication Date: October 6, 2016
Format: Paperback
Description: Angela Vecchio and James Patters are seasoned Homicide Detectives with the Major Crimes Division of the Bard County Sheriff’s Department. On a quiet Sunday morning, they are called to a murder scene in the neighboring community of Serenity Bay. The Bay is an affluent, planned adult community of three-bedroom villas surrounded by manicured lawns, well cared for flower beds, a championship eighteen-hole golf course, and all the other expected high-end amenities. Located near the beach and Marina Harbor of Bard County in Southern California, it offers residents a comfortable laidback lifestyle.
A prominent resident of the Bay, Toni Ortiz, was found gruesomely murdered the morning after a monthly potluck dinner party. Vecchio and Patters discover the murder is rooted in unrequited love and an ultimate betrayal. Nothing in Serenity Bay is what it seems. The murderer leaves few clues and is always two steps ahead of the detectives. This case and its tendrils bring unexpected major life changes to Patters and Vecchio.
At its core, this is a multi-layered mystery wrapped around a deeper tale of redemptive second chance love and the type of passionate relationship we all yearn for. To say more is to give too much.

Genre: Mystery, Romance
Page Count: 398
Amazon Link:

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