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message 1: by Agato (last edited Oct 10, 2016 01:50AM) (new)

Agato | 21 comments Since I'm running on a very low budget, and self-publishing, I wonder if it would have more sense to invest money on ads for my own site or on the vendor's (like Amazon, etc.) page where my book is actually listed and can be bought directly (in my site is isn't sold directly).

Also, my site is in italian but if one of you would be glad to take a look and tell me if he found easily the page where I'm 'selling' the book I would be grateful.
I published excerpts on it but maybe they are hiding the most important part, the fact that it's actually a real book being sold.

You can find my site here:

Thank you


message 2: by Pamela (new)

Pamela Harstad | 54 comments I found the page with your links to buy,. However, I chose your Amazon link and it connected me to the main Amazon site and not directly to your author page to purchase. It will take more clicks to purchase it. Have you set up your author dashboard?
Here is mine.
You may want to put a purchase link on the main page of your website, too. Nice site, Agato.

message 3: by Agato (new)

Agato | 21 comments Thank you Pamela,

my book isn't still ready, the artist is still finalizing the cover. I will update the links when it will be finally published (october's end) with direct links.

It's good to know that you had no trouble finding the 'where to buy' section.
There are two places, one at main page (bottom end, not very reachable) and one in the menu section (not really easy to catch on a smartphone).
Eventually I will update the main page with a final post to make it stand out.

I don't think here we have author's pages like yours on Amazon but I hope it will not be my reference site. I start already penalized there since Amazon don't accept PDFs and I want to publish the book in that electronic format because of its fixed layout. I know that Amazon has KF8 but here in Italy there are always problems with conversions and the likes. Unfortunately there are distributors that don't accept the most standard formats, it's not only Amazon, even Mondadori and LaFeltrinelli do the same here.
I'll push it in other channels and jump over this discrimination, even if it will mean less sales.

message 4: by Pamela (new)

Pamela Harstad | 54 comments Sounds like a good plan. Thanks for your information about how Amazon in Italy works. Good luck with your new release!

message 5: by Agato (new)

Agato | 21 comments Thank you Pamela for your wishes, I wish you the same for your two books.

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