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L.D. Beyer (ldbeyer) | 19 comments The Devil's Due by L.D. Beyer
Kindle Countdown!

My novel, The Devil's Due, is on kindle countdown until October 14th.

A country at war. A man on the run. A woman left behind. Can an innocent man ever go home? Set in 1920's Ireland, Frank Kelleher is running for his life after being accused of murder and of being a traitor. If the looming war doesn’t kill him, trying to right the wrongs of his past just might.

Available on Amazon Kindle for 99¢!

Happy reading,
L.D. Beyer


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Nick Iuppa | 111 comments I just picked up a copy. Looks very good... unfortunately there are a lot of books in the pile in front of it.

message 3: by L.D. (new)

L.D. Beyer (ldbeyer) | 19 comments Thanks for dropping me a line. Would love to hear your thoughts after you've had a chance to read it.

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