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Guy III (WordsofAction) | 3 comments The Way by Guy S. Stanton III
Fire Warrior Prophets - Spirit Filled Fiction - Talking Trees - Epic Battles between Good and Evil ....... Anyone Interested?

If so I'm willing to put an ebook copy of, The Way, into your reading device. Epub, Mobi, PDF formats are all available. This is my 22nd book and as a self published author I have honestly (I have never paid for a review) gained over 500 reviews of my books at Amazon and maintained a 4 Star rating and above on all of my books, but two. My honest intention is to add you, the reader of this invitation, to the group of those calling my fiction some of the best that they have ever read. I invite you to find out for yourself and by all means invite whomever you would like to that you think might be interested. Unlimited review copies are available and I only ask that you leave a review - I don't require it.

Reviews are appreciated at any or all of the following: Your book club, word of mouth with friends, complete strangers and of course: Amazon, Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashwords, Goodreads, LibraryThing.

Here's an Excerpt:
Rafargan sank his teeth into one of the coils of the snake people even as his great talons latched on and the two went tumbling as with a hiss the snake woman sought to bite Rafargan with a set of exaggerated canines that I took to be as poisonous as the natural world’s true kind counterpart.
Rafargan tumbled free of the twisting coils and the snake woman reared forward to strike. Twisting in air I sliced through the back of her unnaturally scaled neck. The blade in my hand swung true and with a cut off hiss her head went toppling even as the body of her coils went writhing in the death spasms of its former kind.
Blood showered about freely and with a resounding crunch of stone pulverizing beneath me I landed with an agility of force upon the floor of this pit beyond any normal endurance of a man to withstand on his own and apart from the empowerment of his Creator to do marvelously. With a cry of triumph I flexed upward from my landing squat even as the ground reverberated beneath my boots as those who dared to experience the life of a righteous calling made impact with the ground of this cursed hole in the midst of a former paradise of old.
Lifting both swords out to my sides I beheld the licking flames of heat that coursed down them, which seemed but the outpourings of the eternal spirit of my Creator within me and I knew joy. My God was with me and every battle from this day forward, no matter if it was to my death, would be to the glory of my Elohim and with the same passion that I had witnessed of those who had interceded to spare my life the day before I cried out, “To war!!!”

P.S. Oh by the way as an extra incentive to those who do read and leave a review I'm willing to send you a complete series of your selection of any that I have previously written for free. Just drop me a note at with proof of your review and I'll see that you get the complete series of your selection sent to you in the ebook format of your choice.
Best Regards,
Guy Stanton III - Author of Exciting Christian Fiction with an Edge

message 2: by Paul (new)

Paul Uwemedimo | 1 comments Guy wrote: "The Way by Guy S. Stanton III
Fire Warrior Prophets - Spirit Filled Fiction - Talking Trees - Epic Battles between Good and Evil ....... Anyone Interested?

If so I'm willing to put an ebook copy of..."

To Guy Stanton. I am interested in getting an ebook copy of, The Way, either epub or mobi. How would I get it?

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