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Create Your characters here!
Please do not begin RP until your character has been approved.

Character guidelines as follows:
Age: (must be at least 18)
Main Fandom(s): (there is a limit of 2 main fandoms per char.)

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Name: Holly Smith
Age: 18
Main Fandom(s): Harry Potter/Doctor Who
Major: Writing
Personality: Holly is the most sarcastic person she knows. She loves animals and reading is her stress reliever. She obsesses over everything which is why Fandom U. is such a good fit for her. She's bubbly and extroverted and loves to show people the pictures she's gotten with her favorite celebrities.
History: Holly is from Washington state and had four siblings. She was born on May 17 and is the second oldest in the family. She grew up in a small, suburban area with lots of kids and lots of pets. Her best friend of 10 years also got accepted into Fandom U. which is why she applied in the first place.
Appearance: Holly has striking red hair with freckles covering her pale face. She's pretty tall and lanky but she still loves to wear heels. She wears minimal makeup, just enough to make her look like she got enough sleep. She wears fandom tshirts all day everyday and ripped skinny jeans with tennis shoes. Her hair is always down and flat ironed.
Other: She sorely wishes she had a southern accent

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Name: Mackenzie Madden
Age: 18
Gender: F
Main Fandom(s): Harry Potter and Attack On Titan
Major: Writing/Business

Personality: She is very sensititve when people talk about her fandoms. She is very social and happy all the time but, you don't want to get on her bad side. She is very bubbly and outgoing.

History: Mackenzie was born in California but moved to france, then Ireland and then to Washington, then Texas, and back to Washington. She was the youngest out of 2 kids. She was always her family's favorite child because, her older sister was a brat. When she was accepted int FandomU. She was very excited.

Appearance: She has brown hair which is currently dyed blue ombre, she always dyes her hair or she wears a wig. She has green eyes and she is average height. She normally wears croptops and shorts but in the winter jeans and cute sweaters. She always wears a full face of Makeup.

Other: She got 100% on the SAT

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Funky Fish (goodreadscompetitcroissant) Hey everyone, it's lovely to meet you all :)

Name: Celesta Blackwell
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Main Fandoms: Doctor Who/Percy Jackson
Major: Writing/Drawing
Personality: Shy, introverted, intelligent, quiet, eccentric, awkward, clumsy, kind, thoughtful, a great listener, honest, loyal, queer
History: Celesta's life was never really that easy. In between her dad being a dangerous alcoholic and her mother always being away at work, she never really bonded with her parents. So, she wasn't always that happy, except when she was writing or drawing. Those two things provided her with an escape from her life, where she could express herself and not have to worry about the world's expectations. Also, Celesta is, in fact, gay. Unfortunately, when she told her parents this, they got angry and kicked her out of the house. Luckily, one of Celesta's best friends (open for anyone to roleplay as, if you want) offered for her to stay at their house. Then, one day, Celesta saw an advertisement for Fandom University and immediately knew that she wanted to go there. So, she filled out an application form, and crossed her fingers :)
Appearance: Pale skin, brown hair, blue eyes, tall and kind of gangly, weak, usually wears skinny jeans and a fandom T-shirt or a band T-shirt. She also likes to wear flannel and Converse :)
Other: Celesta now lives with her best friend at their house.

Cool! Well, I hope Celesta fills out all the criteria :)

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Funky Fish (goodreadscompetitcroissant) Thank you so much! :)

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Rhedyn  (fernffoulkes) Name: Elizabeth Rhedyn Nechole Ffoulkes
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Main Fandom(s): The Scarlet Pimpernel, Narnia
Major: Musical Theatre, Writing
Personality: Feisty and independent, with an eye for trouble. A bit of a dreamer, she could live in her own little world forever. She adores life, the outdoors, and uncommon sports. She is over-competitive and a little prideful, but would do anything for someone she loves.
History: Born in 2001. At the age of thirteen, she fell asleep watching The Scarlet Pimpernel movie. She had a dream about her being Andrew Ffoulkes' little sister, and began writing. Her Musical was performed on Broadway, with her starring. People began to call her by her character's name, which is fine by her. Re-reading her novel one day, she groaned at how terrible her writing was, and decided to perfect it. She applied to Fandom University.
Appearance: Tall with a straight figure, Long, brown, thick, wavy hair, usually in a braid, olive skin, sparkling hazel eyes, not fully mature. As she grew up homeschooled, she almost never left the house, which meant going to the store was an occasion! This mean's she's generally the best-dressed girl in class. She loves vintage clothes; the colors coral, mint, turquoise, white, mustard, hunter green, and pale pink; and flowy fits.

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Rhedyn  (fernffoulkes) Are you going to approve me? *puppy-dog eyes* :(

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History-When is her birthday, when did she start acting etc.

Apperance: More, like her favorite clothes, what is her body type?

Personality: More

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Rhedyn  (fernffoulkes) Better?

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Rhedyn  (fernffoulkes) Raven/Zuri #RIPALEKS wrote: "Sorry

History-When is her birthday, when did she start acting etc.

Apperance: More, like her favorite clothes, what is her body type?

Personality: More"

I edited it.

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