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message 1: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie Leung | 4 comments Now that you guys are all a little more grown up, I wanted to ask, looking back, how important was it that you were exposed to stories of imaginative plot lines, and do you think cultivating a wild imagination was good or bad for you as a child. For those who didn't explore their imagination early on, do you think you've missed out and why?

message 2: by johanna, soliloquist. (new)

johanna (johannad_m) | 11500 comments Mod
This is a really interesting question!
I don't know how grown up I am, but I am at least extremely grateful that my mother brought us up reading fantasy and other imaginative fiction. It enhanced my imagination, broadened my mind to possibilities outside of the norm, and gave me an appreciation for a larger range of storytelling and life in general.
I think imagination is essential for us to stay sane. It's natural for us to create and enjoy stories of pure escapism that could probably never happen, and helps us to cope with the less desirable things happening around us. Especially for kids, to whom it comes so naturally.

message 3: by Lottie (new)

Lottie Berinson | 121 comments Imagination is do important and you should keep it throughout life.

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