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◈ Your hero has a weapon.
◈ The weapon starts with 10 Attack.
◈ The weapon levels up 1 attack each level.
◈ Levels are gained by reading progressively longer "series" of books.

Level 1: #1 in Series book (11 Attack)
Level 2: #1 and #2 in Series book (12 Attack)
Level 3: #1 and #2 and #3 in Series book (13 Attack)

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The good news is the books in each level don't need to be from the same series nor read by the same person.

Levels must be done in order but we can bank books during the game to be used later. So, if someone read book 5 in a series in the first week we can keep it until we are completing level 5 and use it then.

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Level 1:
1st: Lusie The First Pillar

Level 2:
1st: Clare This Savage Song
2nd: Lori Moriarty

Level 3:
1st: Imke The One Real Thing
2nd: Lori The Dark Is Rising
3rd: Lori Godsquad

Level 4:
1st: Filipa The Shattered Gates
2nd: Lori The Marvelous Land of Oz
3rd: Lexi Unbound
4th: Lexi Tricked

Level 5:
1st: Clare Murder at the Vicarage
2nd: Clare A Court of Mist and Fury
3rd: Chava The Doll's House
4th: Imke On Her Master's Secret Service
5th: Lexi - Trapped

Level 6:
1st: Lori Sabriel
2nd: Clare A Royal Pain
3rd: Clare Royal Flush
4th: Imke The Heir
5th: Clare Do You Want to Start a Scandal
6th: Lexi Hunted

Level 7:
1st: Clare Murder at the Brightwell
2nd: Clare Death Wears a Mask
3rd: Filipa Black Blades
4th: NBRC Travel Agent The Guilty
5th: Lexi The Shepherd's Crown
6th: Lexi Shield of the Dragon
7th: Lusie Kiss and Spell

Level 8:
1st: Filipa In From the Cold
2nd: Lori Midnight Queen: A Tudor Intrigue
3rd: Lusie Illusion
4th: Lexi Out of Oz
5th: Imke The Crown
6th: Filipa Broken Fortress
7th: Filipa Enemies & Shadows
8th: NBRC Travel Agent Shadowed

Level 9:
1st: Chava Child of Silence
2nd: Filipa Fear of Frogs
3rd: Juliana Revenge of the Ancients
4th: Lexi Witches' Blood
5th: Lusie A Wallflower Christmas
6th: Lori Murder on Bonfire Night
7th: Lexi Shattered
8th: Chava Crocodile Tears
9th: Lexi Magic Binds

Level 10:
2nd: 2nd: Gemma Glass Sword
3rd: Lusie The Lost Symbol
4th: Lexi Two for the Show
5th: Lori Sweet Danger

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Lusie (illusie) We should discuss our strategy. Do we want to use 400+ pages book for this, or do we prefer to use those to buy gold?

I'd love to use this challenge as an opportunity to finish some unfinished series. I have way too many. Let me know if you'd like me to only read books for this part of the challenge.

Here is an overview of the books parts of series that I want to read soon. I might add more later. I'm not saying that I'll read all of them for wobble, depends on what is needed.

You can write me down for the books marked with a *

1st book in series
*The First Pillar 230 pages* read 8-oct
*City of Bones 344 pages*
The Host 620 pages
The Tea Rose 675 pages
The Curse of the Mistwraith 706 pages

2nd book in series
City of Ashes 320 pages
Making Money 394 pages
The Memorist 453 pages

3rd book in series
Illusion 320 pages
*Whispers from the Past 368 pages*
Never Go Back 464 pages
The Lost Symbol 509 pages
City of Glass 560 pages

4th book in series
*My Soul to Steal 343 pages*
Heir to Sevenwaters 395 pages

5th book in series
*If I Die 342 pages*
Seer of Sevenwaters 432 pages

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Chava I'm currently reading The Doll's House. This the 3rd in a series.
I have also completed NYPD Red, if it wasn't used already for the previous Wobble activity. It is a 1st in a series

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Juliana Rodrigues (julianamfrodrigues) | 87 comments I'm reading Shadows of the Gods that is a second in a series.

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Lexi | 38 comments I still have really bad internet but I read two books today. Fourth and 9th in a series. I read a third two days ago but I believe that was before this challenge started.

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Lusie (illusie) I didn't know we could go up to level 10. Good to know!

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Clare (wispa694) | 34 comments Mod
Series books I have on my immediate TBR;

Empire of Storms #5
The Young ElitesThe Young Elites I have books 1, 2 and 3
Bright Smoke, Cold Fire #1
Nevernight #1
The Glittering Court #1
Replica #1
The Hammer of Thor #2
A Torch Against the Night #2
Ruined #1
And I Darken #1
Do You Want to Start a Scandal #5
Murder at the Brightwell Book 1 and 2
The Storms of War Book 1 and 2
Murder at the Vicarage #1

This is the order I can best read them in but I have all the books so can read whatever is needed!

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Lexi | 38 comments I will work on 3-5.
Not in order but I can read:
Unbound #3
Fearless #3
Dead Heat #4
Out of Oz #4
Trapped # 5 and the next in the series as needed

My only question is for The Shepherd's Crown. It is #41 for Discworld but only #5 for Tiffany Aching. Can I use it for a #5?

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The thing we need to remember with this is that there is no point reading books that are 1 and 2 in a series if we can't fill in the rest of the set. We could have the first few books filled in on every set but if say we can't complete the 6th book on level 6 then those books won't count for anything because our weapon will be stuck at level 5.

Remember we also have to level up our health as well be gaining experience through quests so if you do have a low level series book also check out if it meets any of the quest requirements.

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Xelly wrote: "I will work on 3-5.
Not in order but I can read:
Unbound #3
Fearless #3
Dead Heat #4
Out of Oz #4
Trapped # 5 and th..."

The ruling is if a book is part of more than one series then it can be used for any of the series numbers. So yes it can be used for #5.

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Lexi | 38 comments Read a # 4 and # 6 in a series. I have no more # 6 left on my TBR list.

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Lexi | 38 comments I can do #7 next: Shattered

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Lusie (illusie) I'm now reading The Lost Symbol, #3 in series.

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Chava Child of Silence is #1 in a series and I've finished it
possibly for level 9

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Chava I can do #8 from tomorrow with Crocodile Tears

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Lusie (illusie) What is the last day for this challenge?
I still need to plan what to read next.

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Lusie wrote: "What is the last day for this challenge?
I still need to plan what to read next."

11am (London time) next Monday

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Filipa | 32 comments I'm reading a #6. I'm hoping to finish that series (until 10) this week.

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Lusie (illusie) Thanks Lori

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Lusie (illusie) For most of the series I'm currently in book 2, 3 or 4. So I don't think I can help since i am not far along in the series.

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Juliana Rodrigues (julianamfrodrigues) | 87 comments I didn't manage to finish a book this week. :(

I'm sad I couldn't contribute more to the challenge, but I'm glad I participated in it with you guys, It was a good way to try to read at least a little during a new phase of my life.

Hope to see you all around other events on NBRC, :)

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