Crimson Death (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #25) Crimson Death question

Cheryl Lewis wetmore Cheryl Oct 07, 2016 09:26AM
Who is going to spend the money to purchase Crimson Death. LKH has been so disappointing lately I am reluctant to purchase, especially as there are no reviews out yet.

Based on what I've heard of the contents, don't bother. Nate rapes Anita *and* Damien after both said no, and doesn't feel bad about it in the least. And Peter (Edward's 'step' son...assuming Edward and Donna actually get married) is continuing to spiral downward into being a toxic rapist who will end up like Olaf at this rate.

I was going to get it from the library, but no...even Lolita is less offensive and that's pretty vile material.

Based on several reviews that I've read, it appears that Crimson Death has serious issues. The reviewers cited such things as-

*50% of the novel focusing on relationship / poly drama
*Monotonous dialogue.
*Huge info dumps.
*Anita doesn't even leave for Ireland until page 352.
*Continuing to overdescibe everything.
*One reviewer even went so far as claiming that the main story would have made a good 20 page novella.
*Anita's still refusing to eat regularly in order control the ardeur.
*And a rushed ending where the final battle is finished a few paragraphs.

Its definitely something I'll get out of the library. Maybe. Eventually.

I loved it but as usual I had to read it twice...I have issues with the end but I don't want to say in case others have not finished....I have learned not read the reviews here as there are so many LKH haters here that I wonder why they bother reading her books...

I wish I had read reviews before I bought it....and was disappointed...

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