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Damien Black | 23 comments Hi there, my name is Damien Black, author of Devil's Night Dawning.

My latest interview courtesy of Mercedes Fox, author and book blogger, covers just about all the bases! Some very interesting questions were posed... to find out if my answers measured up, follow this link:


Thanks for reading and thank you to Mercedes for the interview!

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Damien Black | 23 comments ... And here is another shorter interview, this one on Shut Up & Read:


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Damien Black | 23 comments It’s the festive season and the mad dash for presents is well under way!

With their Satanic Corporate Majesties squeezing us ordinary folks ever tighter, it’s time to economise and make that pound/dollar/euro go just a little further…

In light of that and in the spirit of Xmas giving, I’m cutting the cost of my debut novel Devil's Night Dawning to just $2.99 if you buy it from Amazon US or £1.99 from the UK site. It’s also available from Kobo Writing Life and NookPress at the same price [see below for all links].

That’s about 24 hours of awesome heroic/dark fantasy reading for less than the price of a drink!

But it’s not just about quantity, oh no - quality counts too! Here’s what some readers have said so far about Devil’s Night Dawning:

‘Set to be a fantasy classic’ / 5 stars – Amazon UK
‘This book is great’ / 5 stars – Amazon US
‘Amazing!!’ / 5 stars – Amazon UK

But don’t just take their word for it – click on any of the following links to take a free sneak peek:


Enjoy… and have yourselves a diabolically good Xmas!

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Sword & Sorcery: "An earthier sort of fantasy"

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