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message 1: by Payal (new)

Payal Desai (payaldesai83) | 4 comments Hello,

I am a freelance editor. I want to expand my beta-reading experience. I would like to offer Beta-reading and developmental editing services in exchange of a testimonial if you like my work.
The genres I prefer are: Psychological thriller, general thrillers, mystery, YA fiction, and Adult fiction. Unfortunately, erotica, zombie, sci-fi or fantasy are out of my scope.

Please let me know the genre of your book and write me a short description of your story for me to get a better idea if I can work on it or not.
Later if we decide to proceed, I'll share my email id.

Thanks a lot in advance.
Payal Desai

message 2: by Dalis (new)

Dalis (dalisandbooks) | 15 comments I am looking for a beta for my 90,000 word manuscript Rough Nights, a YA paranormal currently written as a stand alone but has the potential to be part of a trilogy. It is a story that focuses on what it means to be a family and what one boy is willing to do to save his own.

15 year old twins William and Charlie Hastings have been eagerly awaiting the day they'd turn into wolves for the first time. But instead of an epic run through the woods the brothers find themselves being dragged into a violent life their father has fought to keep them from. Cato, a ruthless businessman with virtually unlimited resources, has been using their father as his own personal hitman. He plans to turn William into the same cold blooded killer. William decides he isn’t going to get his hands dirty for a sadistic psychopath and fights back only to have his family torn away from him. Now, he’s convinced that there is nothing left to lose. Despite Charlie’s urgent warnings William plans a daring rescue to reunite the small pack. It’s a suicide mission that could lead to the pack’s freedom or total annihilation.

I hope you're interested msg me if you are :)

message 3: by Payal (new)

Payal Desai (payaldesai83) | 4 comments Hi Dalias, I am glad that you wrote me, but unfortunately paranormal and fantasy are out of my scope. And your story is kind of fantasy with other elements.
I wish you best of luck for finding a suitable beta reader for the book.

message 4: by Kelsey (new)

Kelsey (kelsey_simon) | 103 comments Hi Payal, would you be at all interested in a YA magical realism? It has some elements of "fantasy" but is more about internal conflict than anything else. Here is blurb, let me know if you might be interested. Thank you!!

Sixteen-year-old Clay feels it's his job to take care of his best friend Nicco. Which isn’t easy considering how much Nicco enjoys throwing himself into dangerous situations, always leaving Clay to pick up the pieces. So when Nicco threatens to jump from the roof of a building, Clay can’t tell if he’s serious. For Nicco, this is a whole new level of dangerous.

Clay doesn’t know Nicco has everything planned. He figured out if the local police station employed a healer, and made sure Clay called the cops. When the police arrive on schedule, their healer in tow, Nicco jumps―but the healer can’t heal him. His jump is real.

Watching his best friend commit accidental suicide breaks Clay apart―he failed to keep Nicco safe. Every time he shuts his eyes, all he sees is Nicco’s body, a red smudge on the sidewalk. Then, like Nicco’s reaching out to him from the grave, Clay meets an old classmate at a party―another healer. He begs her for a healing, believing something is physically broken inside of him and thankfully, she delivers. There’s just nothing to fix.

When Clay watched Nicco die, something inside him did break. The block on his ability to heal.

Clay has a chance now to do right by Nicco and help others like he couldn’t help his best friend. But first, he has to come to terms with the role he played in Nicco’s death, or he won’t be helping anyone.

message 5: by Angela (new)

Angela Hausman (angie_hausman) | 7 comments Thanks for the offer and I'm happy to provide a recommendation to your services in exchange for beta reading my mystery/thriller Buried Ladies. It's about 85K and first is a series (book 2 is about 2/3 finished). Let me know and I'll send a link to a .doc or .pdf, whichever you prefer. Here is a synopsis:

"Buried Ladies" is a fast-paced novel set along the Texas/ Mexican border -- a place called the valley. It's here that our story starts with a 911 call to report Estella's murder. But, there's no body - only a missing person and a red stain on the carpeting in the home she shares with her husband, Jaime. Soon, bodies turn up in a construction site north of McAllen, but none of them is Estella. So, what's happened to Estella?

Jaime flees McAllen soon after police interview him about his wife's disappearance -- they don't buy his story that she's visiting relatives. As he prepares to fly out, he runs across the real serial killer, a ruthless man who kills his victims as part of his sexual release. Many are poor women from Mexico.

In the search for Estella, the story winds its way through Mexican cartels, especially the Gulf Cartel, where readers learn about how these organizations operate outside the law with impunity due to their vast wealth in a poor country. Arturo is one of the leaders. He lives in an opulent home -- really a compound where he enforces the rules of his cartel masters and stores drugs destined to reach the US through its network of mules.

Through a series of twists and turns that take us to a job hacking into the DEA computer for the Gulf Cartel and efforts to discover the serial killer responsible for at least 5 dead women in the Rio Grande Valley, we learn about the inner workings of a truly evil mind.

message 6: by David (new)

David Callinan (davidcallinan) | 32 comments David (this is you)

My surrogacy thriller MISCONCEPTION has been long listed for a Crime Writers Associaton Dagger award. (under my pen name of Jack Burns).

It is a work-in-progress. Three leading literary agents (so far) are keen to see the finished book based on a three chapter pitch – or even read extracts/chapters as I write them. The book will probably be finished by Christmas.

Think of it as 'Fatal Attraction' meets 'Girl On A Train'.

I am looking for a beta reader to take a look at the first nine or ten chapters and then (if interested) more chapters over months to stay close to the story. Probably easier to email me at although I have ticked the notify me box.

I look forward to hearing from you. For ref:

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