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Justin (xolsiion) | 6 comments I was trying to add a handful of quotes to a book I just finished, but it seems like the association between author and work isn't there. I'm not sure how the single quote that is on the book got there.

When inputting the quote and choosing JUST the author name there was no optional book association to choose. Instead the options were simply author name with no book choice, or author name followed by a book name. None of those seem to be correct.

I thought the association was maybe supposed to be in the same text box, despite the instructions that said "only the author name" so I made the same mistake as some others and they ended up on this page that doesn't seem to be linked at all to the author himself or his works, despite the names:

Is there a missing connection between the referenced book/author and the book/author/quote setup? I'd love to be able to associate the quotes with the actual book itself. I normally wouldn't worry too much about it but this is a self-published and lesser-known book so I had hoped some of the beautiful quotes I wanted to add could help him out when others saw them.

message 2: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 42428 comments Mod
The issue has been corrected and should not affect any additional quotes added. But some of the ones already there may need the book added.

Justin (xolsiion) | 6 comments It does look like it made the connection, and when I added them this time it gave me a dropdown after the author name to pick the book but the quotes themselves didn't seem to retain the book assocation after I added them. At least, they didn't show up on the specific book's page of quotes or have the title after the author name on my quotes page like the others I've 'liked."

Or is it a timing thing or something before it shows up all the way?

message 4: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 42428 comments Mod
Which quotes did you add since I fixed the issue? Book pages are cached, so quotes won't show up there right away.

Justin (xolsiion) | 6 comments I'm not sure if it's possible for you to see my quotes sorted by 'date added' but the 4 most recent are associated with Josiah Bancroft and I re-entered them after your fix. Was able to do the author and then pick his book. Looking at them with that sorting the next-most-recent was a Guy Gavrial Kay one and then a comma and 'Tigana' afterwards. So they still look odd, but maybe it is just the page caching. Any idea of the lifetime on the page caches?

Hopefully this works, I'm a bit limited on what I can make public from work...

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rivka | 42428 comments Mod
It does not look like you are successfully linking the book. This one, for example, definitely does not have the book linked:

Justin (xolsiion) | 6 comments I agree and my first suspicion was user error, but it seems to consistently "forget" the book. See image below - the red arrow one is my first attempt this morning - not that it says "you shared this quote" 13 hours ago because that was when I originally did it, with the book selected after you fixed that. However, it doesn't show the book association.

I removed the quote and started all over but with the same result, except now it sees me as just now sharing it.

If you try to create "Learning starts with failure." does it work for you and associate with the book Senlin Ascends?

message 8: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 42428 comments Mod
Since you don't have librarian status, you cannot edit an existing quote. Try adding an altogether new one and see what happens.

message 9: by Justin (last edited Oct 07, 2016 08:36AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Justin (xolsiion) | 6 comments Like a throw-away quote rather than anything I've tried before? Will you be able to delete it afterwards? I can just throw some gibberish out there that would be 'new' if that would work...

...also totally fine if you just wanted to delete all instances I've created and I can start again. I did verify nobody else had created any of them before I tried originally so it's all my bad work that's hanging around at this point.

message 10: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 42428 comments Mod
Since none of them had likes, deleting them is fine. Done.

Justin (xolsiion) | 6 comments Success! Got all four of them added and they're showing like expected.

Thanks for all the help! If it isn't obvious yet I'm a HUGE fan of the quotes feature on goodreads so I really appreciate what you guys do on this particular board. :)

message 12: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 42428 comments Mod
Justin wrote: "Success! Got all four of them added and they're showing like expected."


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