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Colleen Kachmann (colleenkachmann) | 3 comments Mod
I was a strict vegan for 5 years. While going through a divorce, I suffered from major digestive issues that caused me to add eggs and fish back to my diet. When I remarried and added three more teenagers to my own four, I found it necessary to cook meat on a regular basis (grass-fed organic only) to minimize the junk and fast food the kids would eat to avoid my plant-based meals. And that was a slippery slope for me, as I don't like food to go to waste. So I found myself eating more meat, though I avoided dairy at all costs.

When I read Dr. Michael Greger's book, I decided to go back to a fully vegan diet. Greger highlighted research on meat that I had never seen, and touted the benefits of high fiber (70-100 grams/day). The heavy metals in fish and the carcinogenic compounds in chicken and pork re-inspired my commitment. (Did you know that one can of tuna has as much mercury as 20 flu vaccinations?) And the original paleo diet of our ancestors was 98 percent vegetables . . . game meat was not available at the grocery and didn't keep very long. It was feast . . . and then grains and fibrous foods. Early humans ate upwards of 120 grams of fiber /day.

Dr. Greger's website is Go there, google fiber, and see the benefits.

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Trish (trishcowper) | 1 comments So similar to where I'm at, at the moment. The slippery slop of of cooking meat for the kids!
I was been fairly strict vegetarian for over 15 years -- eggs or dairy very rarely. Maybe a piece of salmon at a holiday dinner. My kids and husband followed along - at least at home because I did the cooking and the shopping.
But my kids have gotten older and have been exposed to new things and are eating meat, and bacon and pepperoni pizza. So yeah, over the last couple of years I've started cooking with meat - hoping to push their choices into more healthy options. But -- I'm the same. I hate to waste food. So I will eat the leftovers. And here I am eating meat because it is available and I just don't feel good about it.
I've recently read Dr. Greger's book too... so I've refreshed my awareness of the health issues of eating meat. And focusing on vegan or nearly vegan food. I already feel better and it has only been a few weeks.

I'm in the middle of Proteinaholic by Garth Davis. Great read (I think better than the Greger book :) )

Colleen Kachmann (colleenkachmann) | 3 comments Mod
Better than Greger? Wow. I'm checking it out. Proteinaholic: How Our Obsession with Meat Is Killing Us and What We Can Do About It

I will say that I'm making kefir now, and after much research, I'm using dairy. I'm writing a blog post on it, but I've still got research to do. The short version is that I got a nasty strain of e.coli in Mexico last January. I was forced to take antibiotics after the infection moved into my kidneys (My vote was nullified by the 105 temperature.) After 2 weeks of an atomic-bomb grade antibiotic, I knew I had an uphill battle to repair my gut.

It is suspected that kefir grains are the "manna from heaven" the Bible talks about. I wasn't better overnight, but I know that it's healing and effective. I now recommend it for anyone who has any issues, and anyone who doesn't have issues but wants to avoid them. Kefir doesn't just feed the good microbes in the gut, it recolonizes it with new strains of beneficial bacteria that are customized to your environment. (It cultures daily on my kitchen counter.)

So my latest status is vegan + kefir . . .

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