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message 1: by T.R. (new)

T.R. Winslow | 3 comments Seeking a line editor for my 100,000 word novel. Content is first century, religious. Please reply with cost and timeline.

message 2: by Carol (new)

Carol Tietsworth | 195 comments I am an experienced line editor, and am able to edit your book. I always do the first 500 words for free for each new client.
I'm in the middle of an edit right now, and expect to finish by October 17th, or sooner. My fee is .004/word. So, in this case, 100,000 words minus 500= 99,500 X .004= $398.00. I can do all after the 500 word sample, or half before and half after, which would be $199.00 each time. I can do the 500 word sample, if you wish, this morning. legal2b@yahoo.com, and after wards you can decide if I'm the one you want.
Carol Tietsworth

message 3: by Neil (last edited Oct 06, 2016 08:35AM) (new)

Neil Turville | 2 comments Hey I'd love to help, check out http://turville.ink/ for information or contact me at neil@turville.ink. I charge about 20 dollars per hour, but if its just line editing you'll probably save plenty of money, though Id be happy to copy edit as well. I do about 10 to 15 pgs an hour with both line and copy edits.

message 4: by HitC (new)

HitC (hitcgirl) | 8 comments Hello T.R.,

I see that you’re looking for a line edit on a novel that has some religious elements. I've worked on other similar projects, some non-fiction, others heavily religious fiction and some with just a sprinkling of it. I've included the details on my Line Edit service below as well as my favorite client testimonial.

I'm working for two clients right now but could start on this project October 24th and, depending on the depth of editing needed, return it the following Monday. Feel free to send your first chapter to tiffany@owlediting.com for a free sample edit of 1500 words so you can get a feel for my editing style.

Line Edit:
This service works with the material the author provides. Some comments will be inserted within the manuscript. I will add and delete material (with track changes on), focusing on:
• Writing quality
• Sentence structure & rhythm
• Clarity
• Awkward phrasing or dialogue
• Clichés and telling
• Consistency
• Passive voice
• Paragraphs and exposition that are too long
• Grammar, spelling, missing/wrong words

This option is good for authors who want to improve their writing quality, eliminate mistakes, and who are confident that they have all the basic elements of a great story in place.

Cost: $0.008 per word or $35/hour for projects below 5k words

**My favorite client testimonial: “…Tiffany has an incredible attention to detail, which helped to strengthen my story in ways I had never thought of. Her advice on grammar usage, pacing, plot, and character development was truly invaluable. I can honestly say that hiring Tiffany was the best thing I did while publishing my novel.” – Jonathan Olivier, author of Between the Levees**

message 5: by A.J. (last edited Oct 07, 2016 02:29PM) (new)

A.J. (ajcollins) | 9 comments T.R.

If you're looking for a qualified, professional editor who takes their time, does a thorough job and charges a reasonable rate - not a cheap rushed rate job, you can find my rates and details here: www.ajcollins.com.au/rates

Time frame will depend on the state of your manuscript.

message 6: by T.R. (new)

T.R. Winslow | 3 comments Carol wrote: "I am an experienced line editor, and am able to edit your book. I always do the first 500 words for free for each new client.
I'm in the middle of an edit right now, and expect to finish by Octobe..."

Hi Carol,
Sounds good. Would like to take you up on your offer to edit the first 500 words for free so I can get a feel for your work. Please send me your email so I can send it to you.

message 7: by Carol (new)

Carol Tietsworth | 195 comments legal2b@yahoo.com

Roughseasinthemed | 20 comments Hi TR

I'd be interested to look at your novel. The timing attracts me, as my first degree was in Ancient and Medieval History and Archaeology with a strong emphasis on first century.

Apart from that, I'm a qualified journalist, writer, editor, publisher with 30+ years of experience in the industry.

Prices for 100,000 words start from around $540–$600 depending on the work needed/requested. I don't price per word as every novel is different.

A free sample is available, normally one or two chapters, I've just looked at two chapters (5000 words) for an author.

I am busy this month with a final edit and a number of beta reads, but a start in November may be an option. My price usually includes three edits and a couple of proofreads.

If you are interested, please send a few pages to roughseasinthemed@gmail.com.



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