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The 5th Wave (The 5th Wave, #1)
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The 5th Wave

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Nicole | 69 comments Mod
I have a thought of different thoughts about this book so I think I will just separate everything into different categories.

The Romance: Despite the alien invasion, I felt like the romance took center stage for the majority of the book, and I hated it. I hated that Cassie was so focused on Ben Parish, a guy she talked to once, and that she only trusted people when they beautiful men. And Evan is just creepy. I don't care about his chocolate eyes. He doesn't know the meaning of no, and is so insta-lovey. There were little snippets that made me realize, probably, where Yancey is going to go with the romance, and Cassie's character development as a result, but that doesn't make it better. I hate that it seemed to take up Cassie's mind more than finding her brother for two thirds of the book.

The Aliens: For a lot of the book, I was wanting to know more about the aliens, but when I finally did I was disappointed. I didn't understand the soul thing at all, and I don't think it will ever be explained. And their plan. Ugh, Okay, the first four waves made sense. They were smart. But the fifth wave? It doesn't make sense. Evan kept saying they don't have emotions like humans do. They don't feel the same. But the fifth wave is all about emotion. It's a twisted sense of irony and kind of bloodthirstiness that would make The Others want to turn the human children against all the other humans and wipe them out that way. So it doesn't go with their personality, and, honestly, if they kept it at the fourth wave, they would have won easily. So, it doesn't make sense. Especially when the kids go Dorthy all the time anyway. The plan sucks.

Writing Style: I don't like how the beginning was so riddled with flashbacks. I got confused on the timeline, and I honestly still don't know how long Cassie was in the woods. The Silencer chapter was useless. It only made me think right off the bat that Evan was an alien, so then that wasn't a revelation. I don't know why there was a Sammy chapter either. Maybe to make to book seem more tense because it made the reader realize how little he was? I don't know. I did like Ben's chapters though. It was a nice break from the gross Evan, and it made the last, I don't know, third of the book easy to read, since I wanted to know what would happen.

I don't even know how I feel about this book since I'm still on the high of simply finishing a book. Plus, the last part was very action packed so it skews how much I hated reading the other parts, and how much those parts dragged on. I do know I'm not going to finish the series. Even people who loved the first book hated the rest of the series, so I don't think there is any hope for me liking it.

Isis Molina (raiseyourpinky) | 77 comments Mod
So this book is such a terrible mess. That's the best way I can sum it up.

I didn't like the romance, nor the aliens, nor the plot, nor many of the characters. I did like Ben Parish. A lot. And Sammy. Those two could have their own series and it would be fantastic. But this shit? What the hell was this shit?

This is probably one of the main examples of books that try to force a stupid romance for the sake of having a romance. Honestly there was no chemistry between the characters and no spark. It was really icky and senseless. I hated Evan and he didn't respect Cassie when she said No. fuck this shit. Why is he the swoony bad boy when all he does is stalk this poor girl and force himself on her? And this is supposed to be romantic? Hell no.

I don't think this book is worth my rants. I gave it 2.5 because I didn't hate it. The beginning and middle were interesting. I actually didn't like the fast paced ending but that's because I hate fast paced book. I need you to take me slow or don't take me at all. You feel? I just didn't like that.

Anyway, I won't ever pick up the other books in the trilogy. Nobody has time for some half assed romance between Edward 2.0 and the all suffering Cassie. Just gross.

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