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Stephanie Katherine (stephaniekfidis) | 5 comments Hello All!

Happy Hump Day!

I have never participated in these discussions online before, but I am excited to be leading the October discussion. I am going to submit two questions every Wednesday and you can feel free to discuss them amongst the group! I found these discussion topics on a blog! As I read the further into the novel, I will think of my own questions, but these can help get us started.

1. Lizzie comments at the beginning of Siracusa: "Husbands and wives collaborate, hiding even from themselves who is calling the shots and who is along for the ride." What exactly does she mean, and how does that observation portend events to come in the novel? Would you say that statement holds true for many marriages, if not most?

2. This book is about two imploding marriages. Talk about each marriage and what is at the root of those implosions. What are the ways in which the two couples differ from one another? Where are the fault lines, not just within the relationships, but also within each of the four personalities?

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Finn and lizzie feel like their spouses don't appreciate them anymore.They know the affair won't last, but something is better than nothing.
Taylor and Michael feel like they have to do everything in the marriage. They also think they married down and their partners should be so grateful they still tolerate them. It felt like a different time to me like 60's or the 70's when it was still a big deal to get divorced.So people felt the need to hold on to a bad relationship.

Stephanie Katherine (stephaniekfidis) | 5 comments Hi All! Just checking in!

With a week and a half left to our October challenge, I am looking forward to a lively discussion on this board! Look out for a new topic on Wednesday!

Happy reading!

Stephanie Katherine (stephaniekfidis) | 5 comments Hi All!

Here are the last questions for the October book, Siracusa!

What role does Snow play in all of this? How would you describe her?

Describe the mother-daughter relationship between Taylor and Snow. Healthy? Unhealthy?

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