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We Have Always Lived in the Castle
Our TMS Reads > October: We Have Always Lived in the Castle (Ch. 3-5)

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Chessa (chessakat) | 81 comments Use this thread to discuss chapters 3-5 of We Have Always Lived in the Castle.

Katie (katiebuffam) | 51 comments I'm wondering how old Merricat is, and if she's the one who was responsible for the arsenic. Also, I definitely don't trust Charles, and not just because our unreliable narrator doesn't. I don't like the way he knows that Merricat doesn't like him, and just pushes his way into the family, always putting a stop to talking about the incident. I like to be able to speak freely and truthfully about tragedies, so he reminds me of people who shut down conversations about death and illness.

Anita Fajita Pita (anitafajitapitareada) And he immediately inserts hostility and chaos into their environment. He's adding so much stress and yelling into their home; which was their one safe haven...

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