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The Fate of Arcrea (The Arcrean Conquest, #2)
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The Fate of Arcrea

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Allison Tebo (allisonteboauthor) | 20 comments I just joined The Arcrean Conquest Group - so excited!

I would love to start a discussion thread about this series.

I saw that Alice responded to my comment about Falconer's scene in the end finale (it involved dragons). Thanks Alice!

I thought one of the most beautiful bits of symbolism in the second book was how Trenton lost his thumb and then found his thumb was just wonderful - I had a lump in my throat at that scene!

Thrilled to be here, by the way.

message 2: by Caity, I ♥ Falconer (new) - rated it 5 stars

Caity | 78 comments Mod
Welcome! I'm so glad you adore these books like I do!
Who was your favourite character(s)?

Allison Tebo (allisonteboauthor) | 20 comments Oh boy...that's a tough one....How long have you got?

Just kidding! Falconer is one of top ones...I also loved Trenton from the Fate of Arcrea - I would love to see a novella about Trenton being with his real family and how he's struggling with his past and trying to settle down to a new life...and Falconer could come back to encourage him, since they had such a terrific bond in book 2.

I also liked Epic and Lathan from Burdney. Luke, Christopher and Lord Bradley from Hebbros.
Actually one character that really grabbed me is Agatha (see my review for Burdney on Goodreads....she just really, really stuck with me. I pitied her and wanted to see her free of the darkness that she had placed on herself. Plus, I love arcs between sisters. I really, really hope that Nicole Sager writes more about Agatha in Cleftlocke.
How about you? I've got time...let's compile a list of our favorites. :)

message 4: by Caity, I ♥ Falconer (new) - rated it 5 stars

Caity | 78 comments Mod
Those are great! I really felt that way about Agatha, as well. (and Elbert, actually. haha) I love sister stories like that! Aeryn and Agatha remind me of Ana and Elsa, from Frozen. lol
My favourite is and always will be Falconer. lol I also liked Alice, Christopher, Bradley, Lathan, Seth, and (in Hebbros) I really love Elaina. I think if I had to pick a character to be in these books it would be her. :)

Allison Tebo (allisonteboauthor) | 20 comments Yeah they are kind of like Elsa and Anna! Sisters really do seem like an unexplored subject.

Poor little Elbert, he was kind of a pathetic cuss - but you really did feel sorry for him! You didn't want anything dreadful to happen to him despite what he did.

Pick a character to be...

Oh boy...that's an idea - these books sure would make great movies!

I think if I had to pick a character to 'be' (and I'll be realistic and pick a girl - phooey, that let's out Falconer!) than I would struggle between picking a dramatic part or a fun part. For dramatic, I'd like to play either Agatha (I don't want to be LIKE her since she was a villain) or Alice. For a fun part I'd like to be Leyla or Symone.

message 6: by Caity, I ♥ Falconer (new) - rated it 5 stars

Caity | 78 comments Mod
Oh Symone and "Symone's father"!!! I love them!

Allison Tebo (allisonteboauthor) | 20 comments And Pork the duck... let's not forget Pork the duck... not to mention Percy the frog!

"Of a certain he is pork. And who are you?"
"I am Blunt."
"I should say you are!"

Love it! I laughed out loud.

message 8: by Caity, I ♥ Falconer (new) - rated it 5 stars

Caity | 78 comments Mod
YES! lol! so many memorable quotes from them!!! the scene with the cart taking off when Blunt first joins them, with all the odds and ends in the back, had me cracking up! and I love how each random thing in the cart ended up being used in the story!

Allison Tebo (allisonteboauthor) | 20 comments Oh I know! Brilliant foreshadowing, has she! At first I didn't get Symone and Symone's father but the more I read them and more they grew on me...I really, really hope they come back in the next book.

Actually, I just plain don't want this series to 112, book 140, book 230...

message 10: by Caity, I ♥ Falconer (new) - rated it 5 stars

Caity | 78 comments Mod
lol! I'm with you there!!! keep 'em coming! :)

Allison Tebo (allisonteboauthor) | 20 comments Yeah! Like Nancy Drew - only much, much, Much BETTER!

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