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Remember Yesterday (Forget Tomorrow, #2)
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BUDDY READ: Dystopian/Sci-Fi > Buddy Read - Remember Yesterday by Pintip Dunn - starting 5th October

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Karen Barber | 10140 comments Finally, the sequel to Forget Tomorrow. Read at your own pace.

Karen Barber | 10140 comments Ch1-4. Interesting jump in time after book one. Focusing on the other half of the psychic link is a good idea, though I'd love it if Callie put in a reappearance.

Karen Barber | 10140 comments Ch5-13. Tanner is clearly more important than he seems at first.

Karen Barber | 10140 comments Ch14-24. My feelings towards Tanner are veering between intense irritation and admiration. Wonder how they will get to stop Dresden.

Karen Barber | 10140 comments Ch25-36. I've underestimated one or two people here. Quite a number of dramatic revelations.

Karen Barber | 10140 comments Ch37-45. Not quite going as I expected. Nice to see things from Jessa's view, though I still want to see what happens to Callie.

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Karen Barber | 10140 comments Completed-twists and turns. Totally not what I expected.
Can't remember who was set up to BR this with me...where are you?

Tati | 10171 comments It wasn't me LOL, but I might jump in in the next couple of days

Karen Barber | 10140 comments I saw you'd been reading Forget Tomorrow Tati. If you can get a copy I'd say this is well worth a look.

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Tati | 10171 comments I''ve got a copy already, just need to finish what I'm reading now before I can tackle this one

♛Vanessa♛ ϟ Novel Nerd Faction (novelnerdfaction) | 2934 comments It was me. Sorry. I will be posting some thoughts in a day or two. =]

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Tati | 10171 comments Huh, is it possible that (view spoiler)

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Tati | 10171 comments End of chapter 14: (view spoiler)

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Tati | 10171 comments Up to chapter 35 (view spoiler)

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Tati | 10171 comments Chapter 45 just melted my brain...

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