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A man recounts the story of a young governess he once knew in mid-nineteenth century England.

She had taken a position caring for two children at a large country estate in Essex, who had recently become the responsibility of an uncle uninterested in raising them. She arrives to find the little girl, Flora, an angel, but soon learns upon his return that the boy, Miles, has been expelled from school for some unspeakably horrific behavior. She is soon as taken with Miles as with his sister, and refuses to accept the schools report.

Shortly after, she is terrified by the sight of a man staring at her from the home's tower. He is believed to be an intruder, but after seeing him again, as well has the horrifying image of a woman near Flora, she presses the housekeeper, Mrs Grose for the story of the governess before her. Miss Jessel had openly carried on an inappropriate relationship with valet Peter Quint, and there were concerns about the unusual amount of time the children spent alone on their company, especially Quint with Miles. They had both gone suddenly from the premises, and suspiciously died during their absences.

Soon, the governess becomes convinced that not only she, but Miles and Flora can see the ghosts as well, and that they are trying to communicate with the children.

debbicat *made of stardust* (cr8zycat) I am beginning ch. 8. I'd say that sums it up nicely.

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