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Jodie I'm really having a hard time being empathetic to my children's mistakes. It's hard for me, because I've told and/or warned in some form and I have a hard time being empathetic, which is how all of this Love and Logic stuff works. Does anyone have any ideas? Also, I am terrible at not losing my temper right away...does anyone else struggle with that? If so, how do you deal with that?

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Laura I read the "teaching" version of this book for school and have used some of the ideas with my own kids. A couple of thoughts: I think MOST parents struggle with the temper thing periodically. For me it's just A LOT about forcing myself to breathe and THINK before I talk (which HAS gotten easier!) As far as the empathy, at least when my kids were smaller, I "faked it" until I felt it or until we'd dealt with it. When my kids were small, I wondered if I'd ever see the payoff from talking with them, etc. The payoff has been GREAT as they've aged. Keep with it!

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