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Powers: (2 only)
Good or Evil:

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Name: Alexander (goes by Alex)
Age: 19
Gender: female
Appearance: http://mob512.photobucket.com/albums/...
Personality: kind, caring, gentle, understanding, fierce, brave
Powers: controls fire and can kill someone just by closing her fist completely, but only if she wants to
Good or Evil: good
Family: all dead

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I saw that pic on photobucket but she was facing the other way

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Name: Spot
Age: unknown
Gender: male
Appearance: http://lostpetfound.com/images/SAPDAL...
Personality: crazy, insane, fun loving, funny, random, nuts, smart, serious when he chooses to be
Powers: talking and flying
Good or Evil: good
Crush: none
Family: sticks with Alexander, who adopted him as a puppy
Other: absolutely, positively, completely and utterly HATES dog food!!

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Zunpip Name: Amara
Age: ...
Gender: girl
Appearance: [image error]
Personality: sarcastic and nice at the same time
Powers: (2 only) Mind powers
Good or Evil: doesn't take sides
Crush: ......
Family: ........
Other: ............

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Hannah (lettingtheinkdry) Name: Zera
Age: 20
Gender: f
Appearance: Tall, white blonde hair noen blue tips, blue gray eyes.
Wears: Old Avaitor jackett, skninny jeans, black converse
Personality: Sarcastic, fearless, fierce, independent
Powers: (2 only) Flying and fighitng
Good or Evil: either or
Crush: open
Family: Dead

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kewl charries

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Hannah (lettingtheinkdry) yup kewl charries

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Brandon Name: Nova
Age: 21
Gender: male
Appearance: http://media.photobucket.com/image/co...
Personality: kind and caring to people he knows. Other wise he keeps to himself.
Powers: (Ever seen the movie jumper?) Well he can jump and control time.
Good or Evil: undecided
Crush: open
Family: none
Other: jumper means he can teleport.

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s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» Name: Jason
Age: 26
Gender: male
Appearance: short kinda spiky dark brown hair, dark green eyes, average height
Personality: bad-boy, charming
Powers: electricity, plants
Side: evil
Family: Aere - sister
Other: We'll see.

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klutzygirl Name: May
Age: 20
Gender: female
Appearance: http://i.ytimg.com/vi/sBwFB1JSY7o/0.jpg
Personality: kind, fierce, mysterious, brave
Powers: She is telekinetic and physic.
Good or Evil: doesn't have a side...
Crush: open
Family: dead

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s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» Name: Aere
Age: 21
Gender: female
Appearance: [image error]
Personality: fun, crazy
Powers: shadow, illusion/vision
Good or Evil: mostly good
Family: Jason - brother
Other: Currently in college (Juliyard, although I have a feeling I spelled that wrong). She has an amazing voice and she's planning to take it to Broadway.

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Hannah (lettingtheinkdry) ohh cool

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Hannah (lettingtheinkdry) welcome!

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