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message 1: by Emma (new)

Emma Watson (emmawatsonbookclub) | 49 comments Mod
Dear Our Shared Shelf,

For September & October, I’ve chosen a book that tackles inequality and women’s rights head-on: Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide.

Half the Sky depicts, in eye-opening detail, the various cultures and customs that suppress women and gives a voice to those individuals who need to be heard the most. Traversing through Africa and Asia, Kristof and WuDunn introduce us to some incredibly strong women and describe their stories of suffering and survival. Most importantly, the book spotlights how these women were able to stand up and transform their lives and, through their inspiring examples, we learn that the key to enabling change and economic growth is in unleashing women’s potential (the title of the book, after all, comes from the ancient Chinese proverb, “Women hold up half the sky”). Kristof and WuDunn dare us, as readers, to join the cause and Half the Sky shows us how, by doing even a very small amount, we each have the power to change other women’s lives.

Since its publication in 2009 it has started a global movement (www.halftheskymovement.org).

Hope you like,



message 2: by Ana, Our Shared Shelf Moderator (new)

Ana PF | 746 comments Mod
Hmmmmm. I'm more into novels, I won't deny that, but then again this is a good opportunity to cover several regions and stories, instead of just focusing on one. Woo! I shall look for the book ASAP. Thanks for letting us know with plenty of advance, Emma, I'm sure this will be helpful for many people. :)

message 3: by Paige (new)

Paige | 48 comments I'm going to order it straight away! It seems like a good pick :)

message 4: by Shana (new)

Shana Kaplan (sek1128) | 93 comments Sounds like a very powerful and thought provoking read. Adding trip Barnes and Noble on today's to do list. Look forward to reading. Thanks Emma. : )

message 5: by Savannah, Our Shared Shelf Moderator (new)

Savannah (dssharris) | 321 comments Mod
I'm particularly excited about this book because it appeals to my own future plans (well, hopes and dreams, but I fully intend on making them realities). So yay for the upcoming book!

message 6: by MeerderWörter (new)

MeerderWörter | 2388 comments Thanks Emma for giving us so much time in advance, to order it now already. In Austria it often takes a long time from ordering until receiving. Up to four weeks was the longest time I had to wait (It was for My Life on the Road.)
So, I really appreciate you informing us so soon, and I will head to the bookstore ASAP.

I love to read books from here, because they really enlighten and broaden my mind, and also teach me, as well as they make me aware of issues I have never thought about before or very little.

I'm looking for a German translation(for the people who want to read a German translation, if there is one) when I visit the book shop, and will tell you as soon as I have access to the computer afterwards about it.

I really like that after reading books that definitely taught me something new, we are now reading a book about people from areas of the world, whose concerns, and life stories as a whole, are hardly covered within Western literature. It will be wonderful to read about Asia and Africa, since we have only read 'The Color Purple' which grasped a bit of African lifestyle, and the time that was covered there is a long time ago, I think.

Oh, and to sum it up, translating articles for OSS just makes everything perfect, since I can give back something, for which I'm thankful.

message 7: by Samanta (new)

Samanta   (almacubana) | 50 comments If I remember correctly, there was an online game named "Half the sky". I played it, but got stuck at some point and stopped. It was great!

message 8: by Christine (new)

Christine Periña | 67 comments Oww, I remember Nicholas Kristof!!! because of his book Thunder from the East (that I already read before) it's great to know that I'm going to read one of his works again! Awesome choice! Thanks Emma! :-)

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

Hmm, sounds interesting, can't wait to read it.

message 10: by Robert (new)

Robert (robertgilescampbell) Looks like its going to be a very emotional read. I too cannot wait to read it.

message 11: by Iván (new)

Iván Viñas | 25 comments Emma wrote: "Dear Our Shared Shelf,

This sounds like a very uplifting book and one that can bring answers to the many of the questions of how to make things better, and decrease overall suck in women's rights.
On another note, I'd like to hear more of your toughts on the books after you've read them. I hope you have time to do so. Happy reading.

message 12: by Henriette (new)

Henriette Terkelsen (henrietteterkelsen) Two danish libraries hold this book. I'm biting my nails hoping that I've been fast enough to get a copy.

message 13: by Dorothy (new)

Dorothy | 3 comments Bought the kindle edition immediately. Though I need to finish Hunger makes me a modern girl first! ;)

message 14: by MeerderWörter (new)

MeerderWörter | 2388 comments I could send it to somebody after I read it - there's no Pay-It-Forward thread already, is there?

message 15: by Becky (new)

Becky (beckymurr) I read this some time ago & watched the companion piece on PBS, parts of it are very difficult to read but uplifting in many other ways.

message 16: by E (new)

E | 11 comments this sounds really interesting, can't wait to pick it up :)

message 17: by Emily (new)

Emily (emyvrooom) | 64 comments I'm so excited! I've been hoping we'd read it for OSS to give me an excuse to add it to my personal library.

message 18: by MeerderWörter (new)

MeerderWörter | 2388 comments Meelie wrote:

Hey Meerder! Just double checking as we're used to routine and doing it one..."

You're welcome. I was just wondering and thought I better ask.

message 19: by Diana (new)

Diana (secondhandrose) I own this book but haven't read it yet so this is a good opportunity.

message 20: by Agnes Szalkowska (new)

Agnes Szalkowska | 386 comments Wow that was my proposition for last month . Well is good I don't star read that yet.

message 21: by Harm (new)

Harm ten Napel (hnapel) | 94 comments I bet that proverb doesn't come from the Confucian period, as I learned from the "Ascent of Woman" series (I have turned this feminism thing into a real study) Confucius wasn't a particular woman friendly guy. Anyway I treated myself to the hardcover edition and I'm looking forward to explore it!

message 22: by Harm (new)

Harm ten Napel (hnapel) | 94 comments Agnes wrote: "Wow that was my proposition for last month" There are leaders and followers...

message 23: by Agustin (new)

Agustin | 223 comments Thank you, Emma!

message 24: by Christine (new)

Christine (christinereadsalot) | 3 comments I've been wanting to read this book for a long time. I respect how much Kristof has been advocating for women around the world for much of his career. Great pick, Emma!

message 25: by JustGottaRead (new)

JustGottaRead | 8 comments First to get it from the library--yipppeeee yi yaaaay :) Thanks for another superb book choice, Emma!

message 26: by Melle (new)

Melle (feministkilljoy13) | 68 comments Also a SUPERB documentary!

message 27: by Simone (new)

Simone | 85 comments I'm so excited to hear that we gonna read this book, finally some book about Asian feminism! i'm gonna order it now.

message 28: by Ashley (new)

Ashley (inlovewliterature) So exciting Emma!! Can't wait to read & discuss it with you all :)

message 29: by Melaslithos (new)

Melaslithos | 14 comments Harm wrote: "I bet that proverb doesn't come from the Confucian period, as I learned from the "Ascent of Woman" series (I have turned this feminism thing into a real study) Confucius wasn't a particular woman f..."

That "proverb" is actually a quote from Mao Zedong.

message 30: by Kathrin (new)

Kathrin | 25 comments So excited!!! :-)

message 31: by Evelia (new)

Evelia | 89 comments This is one of the books that I tried to read since it was in the reading poll but I only managed to read until chapter three. I like the stories presented in the book but I felt that something was lacking as I continued to read it. I will try to give the book another chance.

message 32: by MeerderWörter (last edited Aug 17, 2016 01:19AM) (new)

MeerderWörter | 2388 comments Let's soar the selling numbers again! We may not be as impressive as with "My Life on the Road", but we can still affect them a bit, I think.

I simply love to read, and when I can also educate myself while reading, that's even better.

message 33: by Kathy (new)

Kathy Qin (floraq) Wow, thank u for sharing so many meaningful books, Emma ! I'm thankful,really. You know, I've read a lot book which I even didn't hear about since I joined this group. What can I say but thanks?

message 34: by Aurélie (new)

Aurélie | 1 comments One of my all time favorite book. A powerful collection of stories on women's empowerment living in challenging places. I hope you'll all enjoy it as much as I did.

message 35: by a (new)

a (oddeyecircle) | 3 comments Can't wait to order this, it sounds brilliant!

message 36: by Ashleigh (new)

Ashleigh Hyatt (achyatt) | 18 comments Samanta wrote: "If I remember correctly, there was an online game named "Half the sky". I played it, but got stuck at some point and stopped. It was great!"

I also played the game! I believe it was a Facebook game as well. It was very informative.

message 37: by Ashleigh (new)

Ashleigh Hyatt (achyatt) | 18 comments I am excited to read this book. I have been wanting to read it for a while now. I also love how diverse the book selections have been so far! I feel like we are getting the best of both worlds reading fiction vs nonfiction, graphic novels, and memoirs.

message 38: by Harm (new)

Harm ten Napel (hnapel) | 94 comments Melaslithos wrote: "a quote from Mao Zedong" Maybe he cannot be accused of discrimination against women, he just let everyone suffer.

message 39: by Alyson (new)

Alyson Stone (alysonserenastone) | 149 comments This one seems promising!

message 40: by Genny (new)

Genny Pisano | 21 comments Savannah wrote: "I'm particularly excited about this book because it appeals to my own future plans (well, hopes and dreams, but I fully intend on making them realities). So yay for the upcoming book!"

Ahahahahaha, Ms. Savannah, we're on the same tune here! Especially on the "Hopes and Dreams, but I fully intend on making them realities" part. Got to simply love this kind of enthusiasm!

Well, I am going to order it tomorrow! Seems like a good idea, as it could be an eye-opener on the movement, too!
Eager to read it, I just hope I can get the most out of it!

message 41: by Jenny (new)

Jenny | 2 comments Sounds like an interesting book! Can't wait to read it!

message 42: by Silvia (last edited Aug 17, 2016 11:46AM) (new)

Silvia Cebrian | 5 comments I started to read the first pages of this new book yesterday (as Spanish I need more time to read it in English) and casually after watching the movie "The Whistleblower". I went to bed angry...
Now I'm really looking forward to continuing reading with all of you, it's going to be an amazing reading .

message 43: by Fiza (new)

Fiza (fizaaarshad) | 99 comments Great choice, Emma! Really excited to read as always. Thank you!


P.S. The bi-monthly book selection is a huge relief.

message 44: by Zahra (new)

Zahra This book has been on my bookshelf for months! So excited to finally read it!

message 45: by [deleted user] (new)

I'm so excited to buy this book and get started!!!

message 46: by Megan (new)

Megan M | 6 comments Love this book!!

message 47: by Keri (new)

Keri | 1 comments I've already started and I'm already outraged! I hope as the book goes along we get some practical tips about what to DO.

message 48: by Colleen (new)

Colleen This was a great book, and yes, it's hopeful too.

message 49: by Jackie (new)

Jackie | 1 comments I read this book earlier this year. It is an excellent selection for this group. Stories from women and girls that overcame what could be considered impossible obstacles. I frequently think of this book and of what I can do to hold up half the sky.

message 50: by JOSUE (new)

JOSUE (josuemsv) | 29 comments Wooh! Emma, seems very interesting can't wait to read it! I love you! :)

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