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Ferrel E. | 30 comments Hello all.

I'm Ferrel E. Calpin, a Lincolnshire-based commercial writer and author who has recently released my first book, Expecting the Unexpected: One Man’s Journey Through a Most Eventful Pregnancy.

Expecting the Unexpected One Man's Journey Through a Most Eventful Pregnancy by Ferrel E. Calpin

It is fair to say that I never really believed I'd ever publish a book about my first foray into fatherhood. Indeed, my only motivation for putting pen to paper at all was simply to keep a written account of this most special time for posterity. However, it is also fair to say that I (and my partner Sally) never thought our 'go' at pregnancy would be quite so tumultuous and eventful. Infertility fears, ectopic scares, relationship wobbles and anxiety-ridden relatives all conspired to make our nine-month journey a more difficult one than most. And as if that wasn't enough, we also had to contend with the life-changing results of a 20-week Anomaly Scan which more than lived up to its name.

The purpose of publishing this book isn't to make money (it won't, believe me), or to get my name 'out there' (I write under a pseudonym anyhow). The purpose of this book is simply to reassure expectant parents who are being forced to go through really tough times that they're not alone.

Sal and I felt like our world had fallen in when left our 20-week scan knowing our baby was going to be born 'different', and all we wanted at that time was to read something - anything - that would reassure us. More than anything we just wanted to know that someone, somewhere understood what we were going through and perhaps even had some reassuring words of wisdom that might help us get through our darker days.

If what I've written can provide even a little bit of solace or comfort to just one couple in a similar situation then I will consider the three-and-a-half years it's taken me to get this book published completely worthwhile.

UK-based readers can find the e-book here:

Some excerpts can be previewed here:

Many thanks.


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Ferrel E. | 30 comments Not sure if this is the place to mention it (or even if it's allowed!) but the Kindle version of Expecting the Unexpected will be available to download for free this weekend (6th & 7th August).

Thank you kindly.

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