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message 1: by Jacqueline (new)

Jacqueline Ballard (jacquelineballard) | 1 comments Hello Group:

I am looking for bet readers for a children's novel. I would prefer age groups 9-14. Does anyone have suggestions on where best to find this demographic for beta readers?



message 2: by Paul (new)

Paul Francois | 36 comments Well rolling up to a school in a van and asking the kids is not a good idea. :)

If you do not have school aged children to open the door, then maybe just go to a nearby school and talk with the administration. They can direct you to the Faculty and perhaps add you in as part of their curriculum for the coming term.

Also, if your city has one, contact the nearby children's library. Some hospitals even have a section dedicated to children. Maybe they have a "lending library" you could add your book to.

Just some thoughts. Good luck!

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