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Rebecca | 215 comments Patrons, I have to admit to you that I don’t personally own very many books and of the 50ish that I do own, there are several titles that I’ve not read. There is something about having the library deadline that gets me to read my books. It’s strange I know. In the spirit of getting around to reading some of my books that are just sitting on the shelf, our challenge this month is read a book that you already own but just haven’t gotten around to reading yet.

My dear friend CC gave me a book for my birthday a few months ago and it has just been sitting on my bedside table waiting for me to pick it up. The story sounds like something that I’ll greatly enjoy and CC made a great choice in a book for me, but because I own it, I just haven’t gotten around to picking it up. I look at it every day and say I should start that; so this month, I’m going to read Among Others by Jo Walton.

Among Others by Jo Walton
Among Others

What’s been sitting on your shelf waiting to be read? Was it worth the wait? Let us know!

message 2: by Linda (new)

Linda Mallet (lmallet) | 20 comments Sacred and Profane by Faye Kellerman

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