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Rosimyn | 72 comments Heya~

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Rosimyn | 72 comments The first one is one i have seen before, but never done myslef and it seems super cute, one of the ones i see a lot is the first words your soulmate says to you is somewhere on your body

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Rosimyn | 72 comments Hmm i think the writing on skin one could have some more leading up to meeting shenanigans, so how about that one?

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Rosimyn | 72 comments Haha i was about to ask if you prefered mxf mxm or fxf, ahm, could i play the girl, than?

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Rosimyn | 72 comments Well, first off, if they are going to be in school how old are they going to be? Highschool or college? If its college it would seem a bit more realistic, seeing as people come from all kinds of different states and stuff for college
As for nerves and stuff keeping them from spilling where they live of their numbers and such, it could be a nice idea if one of em doesnt believe in the soulmates thing or kinda lost hope after so long of never meeting their own soulmate
Short characters are fine

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Rosimyn | 72 comments I got to choose what gender i wanted for mine so i will let you have this choice, plus im bad at making decisions heh... >~>

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Rosimyn | 72 comments I dont think so? Some Just name age some personality and appearance then?

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Rosimyn | 72 comments Name: Felicity 'Feli' Ava Hazeldine
Age: 20
Personality: Generous; Affectionate; Determined; Dedicated; Loyal; Witty; Lazy in her free time; Fun-loving; Can be bossy and domineering

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Rosimyn | 72 comments Sure!

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Rosimyn | 72 comments Sat in the library located just off of the school campus, Felicity sat curled up with a laptop and drawing tablet. With none of her classes scheduled that day, Feli had decided she could get caught up with some commissions for art that she had been procrastinating on. Despite that, here she sat, staring cross-eyes at her tablet pen balanced precariously on the tip of her nose.

Eventually and to no ones surprise the pen fell off and Felicity pouted to her self and reached to grab for the pen. When she got the pen in her grasp she sat up victoriously, grin on her face until she noticed something dark and prominent on the pale skin of her wrist. Twisting her hand, she read the simple word and her eyes lit up. This was it! She had waited for the day her soulmate to make some sort of move, having decided long ago she would allow them to make the first move for contact. Excitement taking hold of her, Feli grabbed one of the sparkly gel pens she kept in her bag beside her, she scribbled a quick and messy 'Hello' along with a doodle of a small cat face beside it.

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Rosimyn | 72 comments Now excited and filled with new inspiration, Feli snatched up her drawing tablet and started on her commissions, sincere and bright smile on her face. After going through high school, and watching her classmates find soulmates in their classmates or in close by districts, she would have been lying if she said she wasn't jealous. She glanced towards her arm every so often awaiting a response, with a pen of a different color ready and sat to the side.

When the response finally arrived, Felicity giggled at the simplicity of the message. Never one to over think things, she responded with the first thing that came to mind, writing 'Im excited! hbu?' waiting only a moment before tacking on below it a simple 'Knock knock' Pleased with the response, adding a simple smiley face, Feli returned to her tablet, for just a moment before saving her drawing progress and shoving her electronics in her bag precariously and standing up.

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Rosimyn | 72 comments Quickly stretching her back, hearing the satisfactory sound of her joints popping, Felicity hoisted her bag over her shoulder and made towards the libraries exit. She thought she could probably go for some food and drink, seeing as she skipped out on breakfast during the morning, only eating a cereal bar around noon. There were plenty of small, local cafes and coffee shops around for her to choose from. She had tried out plenty but was yet to find one she enjoyed enough to frequent.

Another glanced down revealed a response and as she walked she carefully scribbled the response, at least attempting to make the writing legible as she walked. Knock knock jokes were a favorite of hers to tell, and so with a grin and the word 'Honeydew' written she stuffed the pen in her pocket. So far there wasn't much she could tell of the person on the other end of this connection, as their responses were very short and simple, but she could only hope they at the very least humored her silly jokes. At best, they would be nice and funny, and creative, and a whole list of things that could probably go on and on and on.

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Rosimyn | 72 comments Felicity started humming a song softly to herself as she walked around the college town, in search of a new cafe to try, grinning as she saw the expected response on her arm, jotting down the final line snickering at her own silly pick-up line. 'Honeydew you know how fine you look right now?' Sure she had no idea what her soulmate looked like, but silly pick-up lines like that always brought a smile to her face, and maybe it would make this other person laugh, or make their day just a bit better?

Finally, looking up from her arm, Feli spotted a cafe she had yet to try out, and she crossed the street, shoving the pen away before pushing the door open and walking inside. She took note of the cozy atmosphere and soft decor as she walked up to the counter. After a quick scan of the menu, she ordered a simple green tea and blueberry muffin before taking a seat.

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Rosimyn | 72 comments Happily munching on her muffin, Felicity pulled her laptop back from her bag. She opened up her email, checking for anything from her professors, and than opening a bunch of different applications related to different assignments nearing their due dates. From looking at her screen, you could tell easily that she was an art student. Even her desktop, full of different animation and drawing programs, could tell you where her college major was taking her.

Between sipping from her drink and typing away on the laptop, Felicity responded once again, simply saying 'You can call me Feli' with a cutesy character drawn with it of a cartoon-y version of herself. She mouthed his name a few times, before typing it into its own document, saved and labeled Soulmate. That done with, Feli returned to working on assignments, avoiding certain subjects while throwing herself fully and enthusiastically into others.

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Rosimyn | 72 comments After sitting in the Cafe for a decent 15 minutes of her time, Felicity packed up again, saving her many assignments, and disposed of her garbage. Glancing at her phone and taking not of the time, she decided it would probably be a good time to start heading for her dorm room - better to get there and relax before the other girl she shared a room with arrived from her hectic class scheduled. As she exited the cafe, she took note of the new response, blushing at the small, but still nice compliment on her name, before checking the time once again. 'Why thank you!' Smiley face there, 'Its almost 2:30 P.M. what about for you?'

With the new response marked down, Felicity made her way towards the on campus dorms, enjoying the late fall weather before it would turn to the bitter cold that accompanied winter. The changing leaves were always a sight to see on the tree heavy campus, and were it not for the fact she had tried before with little success, Feli would be trying to capture the beauty of the season change on a canvas. The paint just never seemed to do any justice to the lovely view.

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Rosimyn | 72 comments ((Beep beep))

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