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Isis | 6033 comments Alright here we go! Any particular ideas that you wanted to play out?

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Nope, I'm actually really flexible with anything ^_^ Except of course, abusive/incestous themes :3

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Isis | 6033 comments Alright haha, well I'm on the same page. Should we just start throwing out random ideas then?

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Sure, any specific genre/theme? :) Sorry, I was in class all this time.

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Isis | 6033 comments I totally understand, I'll be starting school again soon too.
Ummm no idea, I'm drawing a blank right now.

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Same! I'd totally love something very dramatic tho xD

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Isis | 6033 comments Oh me too!
Well, were you thinking MxF, MxM, FxF or some other mixture haha? We could do some kind of love triangle or some sort of miss matched something or other. I don't even know what I'm talking about. It's 4am here haha.

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Ahaha I'm not that comfortable with LGBTQ roleplays, not my thing, but which gender role do you like to play usually?

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Isis | 6033 comments I can play either gender is fine :)

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I'd really rather play the female if that's alright with you! I've got some ideas, but I'd like to know the age span you like to play ie teens, adults etc ^-^

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Isis | 6033 comments That's fine. I've gotten good at playing the guy over the years?
I prefer young adults. How about you?

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I'm honestly good with any kind of age span haha. I'll post my ideas in a bit.

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Idea 1:

Girl A has had a tough life. Growing up with a neglectful mother, abusive and alcoholic father, addicted mother she was left to raise herself. Barely paying the bills by working as a waitress, one day she decides to run away. Turning to her best friend for help, she takes a loan from him and escapes to a distant, small town.

Enter Guy A. He's your regular bad boy but with a caring heart when it comes to her. Being best friends for years with Girl A, he gives her the loan , being the son of the Mayor.After he becomes a legal adult he goes to find her only to see her settled down with another. Never realizing he had actual feelings for her he moves next to her, hoping she could see him fpr what he was. But Girl A has changed drastically.

Idea 2:

Girl A has always been popular and rich. Daughter of a politician and a surgeon she can have anyone, anything. Her player ways get worse when she moves in for college. Soon she's on a self destructive path. When Guy A moves next to her she tries to charm him but fails, which strikes her ego.

Guy A then challenges her to settle down and get rid of her player ways for a month and the reward being a date with him. Agreeing simply because she was challenged publicly and backing down would stain her reputation, Girl A struggles to win the challenge. As Guy A helps to change her , her past quickly unravels, showing the roots of her flaws.

So what happens when the person who caused her destruction comes to attend the same college as hers (Guy B)? Can Girl A forgive him and will she regret it or will she choose Guy A instead? Or worse, will she go faster down the destruction road, causing havoc all around her?

Idea 3:

Girl A is a newcomer. She's your typical good girl; she never parties, stays home and studies, dresses decently and for some reason, never talks about her past. This is because before she ran away she's been living in Las Vegas as a famous gambler's daughter. Wanting to get away from the life, she then turns to her best friend and they both manage to move to this quiet town, in the hopes her father wouldn't find her.

Enter Guy A. He's also your typical womanizer/bad boy who's very curious about her. Challenging her that if she wins the bet he'll stop bugging her but if he wins, she has to stay at his apartment for 2 months.

Obviously he wins. Secrets unravel faster that she thought and people of her past keeps re appearing. As she struggles to hold everything together will she able to keep up the lies any longer?


Best Friends since kindergarten, Girl A and Guy A always had feelings for each other that they couldn't bring themselves to admit. As they grow up and Girl A moves away when she's accepted into Stanford, Guy A moves on. After a few years, he gets married but after meeting up with Girl A after so long, realizes his feelings for her. When he's about to confess, she admits that she's engaged to someone none other than his brother.

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Girl A has always been human. Popular, wealthy and confident, something unexpected happened at on her sixteenth birthday. She started seeing people and things--things no one else saw. Disturbed, she starts driving to clear her head and phones Guy#A, who is her best friend. Guy A suddenly tells her to stop the car and get out.

Surprised, she does as he asks, and in front of her eyes the whole car explodes in flames. Horrified, Guy A quickly comes to her aid and say she's an "enkanto" a faery-like creature who has elemental powers and he was assigned as her guardian from the start. Guy A brings her to the Enkanto courts and she starts living as an Enkanto. However as time passes, she finds out she has other strange powers and her feelings began to develop for Guy A even though that is strictly forbidden. When she refuses to stay in the Enkanto courts Guy A helps her escape to the mortal world. As they try their best to hide and find out what's wrong with her, they both start inevitably falling for each other more and more. Will Girl A's power destruct, or save everything?


Faeries of the opposite court were always sworn enemies. Seelie Courts were free, happy, and outgoing; Unseelie Courts were cold, unforgiving and cruel. So when Girl A, a beautiful Summer nymph, gets exiled just because she was more beautiful than the Queen herself, she gets a contract with an Unseelie Prince in order to retrieve her sister from the Seelie Queen's hand. As their quest goes on, Girl A starts falling for Guy A, despite all their laws.

Idea 3:

In the future, all supernatural species are engaged to a certain somebody as soon as they're born. When they are an adult they are soon married to each other, two strangers meant to spend their lives together. Girl A, a rebellious witch, is destined to marry Guy A, another spellbinder. When Girl A meets Guy B (main character) Girl A and Guy B starts becoming friends and then something more. As Girl A becomes an adult, Girl A and Guy B does the one action that hasn't been done in centuries: they run away and they rebel. With the whole world hunting them down, Girl A and Guy B only has each other now.

Idea 4:

When Girl A, an ordinary human, gets bitten but not turned by a vampire, Guy A, a shapeshiter, heals her and keeps her a secret from the supernatural society as, if the supernatural society finds out she will be exterminated immediately. As Guy A hides her their feelings for each other develop despite all the laws, rules and traditions.

Idea 5:

There are two sides to every coin or rather, two sides to every world. One side is Spring; a happy, light group of people who can be identified by their bright colored clothing. Another side is Winter; a dark, colder group of people who are identified by their dark-colored clothes. Colors such as grey, silver or ash or any colors in between is disapproved of and forbidden.

Their one and most important law is that no side should encounter each other let alone fall for each other.

Enter our characters. Girl A is of Spring, and the daughter of the Emperor of the Spring as well as the future heir. Guy A is also coincidentally the son of the Emperor of the Winter. When they both start meeting by the Borders lake, the Border separating them, and inevitably fall for each other, all hell breaks loose.

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Historical Fiction (dystopia themed):

idea 1:

Girl A, uncrowned queen of a powerful dystopian empire, and Guy B, prince of her opposing enemy country has been engaged since childhood in the hopes of an alliance despite the fact they don't know each other. Girl A is an uncrowned queen and a strong monarch; she wants equal rights for all genders, peace for her country, truth for herself and wants her opinion sounded. At her 17th birthday she arrives at his country and they get off to a bad start. He's spiteful because he used to have a great, partying life before she arrived and everyone forced him to act 'mature', and she's spiteful because she hates being treated unfairly. However they both decided to leave their detest for each other and since they're going to get married, at least try to like each other. Unexpectedly, it took a short time for their feelings to develop.

However problems occur. Her country starts falling and she's forced to look for a new alliance, breaking both their hearts. Meanwhile Guy B's half brother is also falling in love with Girl A, and is intent on separating his brother and the queen. While Girl A struggles to renown her throne as queen and Guy B tries to keep the violence in limits, will they finally find their way back to each other?

[theme based on reign + since its dystopian we have to add other basis here than just romance, like politics and violence and family + we will find another girl for guy C, the brother later on]

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Isis | 6033 comments So I love the first idea, like a lot, but I'm open to really any of them.

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Which of the first idea tho ;-; Reality, fantasy, historical...?

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Isis | 6033 comments Reality, the very first first one.

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That's cool, we can totally do that and detail it more as we continue ^_^

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Isis | 6033 comments Alright great!

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Isis | 6033 comments Want to make characters?

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