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message 1: by Gnome Claire *Wishes she was as cool as Gnome Ann* (last edited Jul 30, 2016 03:57PM) (new)

Gnome Claire *Wishes she was as cool as Gnome Ann* | 18 comments Hi,

There's a comment to say "Do NOT add shorts that are not available separately! Shorts not available solo should be merged into the anthology - get a Super to do this if too many adds" it looks like Stingers and Strangers (#0.04) isn't available separately, just as part of Dead Man's Hand but Stingers and Strangers is on the list while Dead mans hand is right at the bottom. Is that correct?

Edit: Jammed and Red as Snow also appear to only be available as anthologies.

message 2: by Georgeana (last edited Jul 30, 2016 05:26PM) (new)

Georgeana | 771 comments According to Rivka, shorts that are available only in the anthology they were published in should be merged with said anthology.

Are you sure they are only available in the anthology? They have covers.

ETA: I just checked the author's website and it looks like those covers are from her website but their descriptions also say that they were only published in anthologies.

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