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Rp ready

message 2: by Amber (new)

Amber | 347 comments So did you have anything in mind?

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I could honest do anything. I usally like realstic rps such as like college or real life themed. But if you want to go with sci-fy, fanatsy, anime or anything off books or movies if you have a perferance

message 4: by Amber (new)

Amber | 347 comments I'm the same way in the sense that I can do anything. If you want to do realistic I would prefer it to be college and not high school.

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Would you be willing to do something a little out of our comfort zone. Like i love doing realistic life rps and fanatsy but i havnt gotten my hands dirty on other style of rps if your down for it

message 6: by Amber (new)

Amber | 347 comments Sure I'm down

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Okay a few rps i havnt done yet would be like harry potter rps, end of the world(kind of like mad max), super hero rp(like marvel or dc) and anime like naruto.

message 8: by Amber (new)

Amber | 347 comments Well I don't do end of the world apocalypsey stuff. But I will do Harry Potter if we make up our own characters or a superhero thing with our own characters.

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I will be down for the superhero one with making our own characters if your like it

message 10: by Amber (new)

Amber | 347 comments Yeah I'm fine with that. Do you want it to be just two superheroes or superhero x villain

message 11: by [deleted user] (new)

Lets do superhero ×villian. It will make the story hell lot fun and interesting. Would you be okay with you creating the female character and me create the guy?

message 12: by Amber (new)

Amber | 347 comments Yes that would be ideal. Do you mind if I'm the villain?

message 13: by [deleted user] (new)

Yes of course. And for character bio. Do you want to create a real simple so we can rp sooner or arr you into creating massive bio page?

message 14: by [deleted user] (new)

And yes i meant you can be the villian

message 15: by Amber (new)

Amber | 347 comments I prefer just doing name, age, and appearance then have everything else come out in the rp.

message 16: by [deleted user] (new)

Yes your awesome. So we can make it like a surprise rather than founding out everything about them and stuff

message 17: by Amber (new)

Amber | 347 comments Lol that and I'm lazy :P

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Well that too. I will be working on my character. I should be done around 5 mintues

message 19: by Amber (new)

Amber | 347 comments Mine is pretty much done. What age?

message 20: by [deleted user] (new)

Around 20s

message 21: by Amber (new)

Amber | 347 comments Mmkay

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name:Dallas (Dal for short) Aldo
Nickname:Jersey devil
powers:has none as he is normal human but has intense combat training
(Style of suit he wears to hide his identity)

message 23: by Amber (new)

Amber | 347 comments

Arizona Valentine

Villain Name:
Crimson. She didn't choose it, it's what the media started calling her so she went with it.

Telekinesis, and some blood manipulation. She's trained in combat and likes to use swords as her weapons.





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Okay do you want to start first or should i?

message 25: by Amber (new)

Amber | 347 comments Can you? I'd like to see how much you write.

message 26: by [deleted user] (new)


It's Saturday night in the city of Caliban. The lights are glowing with orange light from the light stands as you can here cats and rats roaming around the city sewers. Dallas was at the top of the buliding looking around as if he was batman. No one came out after sunset anymore. They were scared. Scared to getting mugged or killed. He pulled his mask up to lit a smoke while looking around for some wanna be gang bangers

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Amber | 347 comments Arizona giggled wickedly as she dropped down in front of her target of the night. She found it funny how she was considered a villain even though she felt she was doing a public service. Well, a group of people a public service. She unlocked the door and pushed it in, skipping inside. "And this is what you get when you hurt me," she said to no one and she strolled down a hallway destroying everything she could reach. Eventually she found her way to the lab she had been looking for. This wasn't the facility she had been experimented on but they all were laid out the same. She reached a fridge full of chemicals and pulled a few out, smiling widely as she poured the liquids all over the ground throughout the area. She planned on burning the place to the ground and this would fuel her fire.

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He heard a crash of break in noise not to far away while turning around to see a small lab not to far away as he looked closer as he could see a shadow figure moving around in there. He got his rope to glide through the building as he got to the top of the roof to get into the vent as he crawled quietly through to the room to see where all the ruckus was going on as the noise got louder and louder as he crawled. He finally got the fan as he saw inside the vent to see a girl throwing and breaking everything inisde the lab while he gently moved for his sleeping dart gun on his back pocket when his lighter slipped through the vent as it fell to the floor making enough noise to her to hear

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Amber | 347 comments Arizona stopped what she was doing at the sound. "Why don't you come out and play?" she questioned with a wide smile. She picked up what had fallen with her powers and grinned, "you brought me fire? How sweet." She lit the lighter and tossed it into the liquids, clapping her hands together with it lit up instantly. "Oh now that's what I'm talking about!" she exclaimed. "Thank you darlin'!" she called and took a few steps back so she was at the door to the lab. She turned and went back the way she came, not wanting to inhale any smoke. She healed faster than normal humans but she wasn't interested in getting herself hurt anyway.

((I imagine her villain personality being a bit like Harley Quinn.))

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Dal looked around as he wasn't gonna stop the fire. The best chance is that the fire hose from the roof was gonna leak or the fire department was here. He got out of the vent while looking around the lab.
"Shit..." he said as he fire mix with smoke of the chemicals did effect him bad. He decided to grab just one single bottle of the chemicals to see why she was burning this down while getting out as he could barely hold his stance while looking for this strange yet crazy girl. He walked around the dark hall as he used the wall to help him walk for now as he looked around

message 31: by Amber (new)

Amber | 347 comments "Let me guess. You're here to stop me?" Arizona questioned, stepping out of the shadows. "Because if that's the case it appears like you're not looking too good," she spoke. She was much more serious now. Because she was serious about burning the labs down. They couldn't continue to do what they did to her. Even though they had been quiet for a while, she was finally okay enough to do what she had been wanting to do for long time now.

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He looked around while a huge explosion made through the lab as he quickly grabbed her while breaking through the window while them falling on the garbage dumpster as he someone got his balance back as he looked at the woman in red cloak.
"Yeah....im gonna put a stop to you." He said as he was crawling up while looking at her getting ready to shoot her and put her to sleep.

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Amber | 347 comments "Well let's just get rid of that," she said and swiped her hand, making the gun go flying. "Really it is quite heroic of you to save the villain from the exploding building but honestly that doesn't mean I'm going to just let you take me," she hopped off the dumpster but didn't bother with taking a defensive stance. "I'm not like most of those nasty villains you hear about," she commented then gave him a bright smile. She wasn't just going to fight him because she wasn't interested in that. Her villain title really wasn't a great one.

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"Lets just see about that." He said as he looked at her for a second as he put the gun back into his hoister while staring her down for a quick second. She was different from others. But wasn't sure what. He didn't want to kill her just yet as he needed to found out a lot more information from her as he wasn't gonna get a fly if she was dead. He pulled out his eletrical brass knuckles from his back pocket as he carried multiple equipments while he just wanted to stun for her now. He slowly made his movemnt closer to her as he decided to go for a swing to her face.

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Amber | 347 comments Arizona stepped back. "Aw come on, hun. You can do better than that," she smiled then flipped back a few times so she was farther down from him. "Are you one of those heroes that doesn't believe in killing? Well good for you," she smirked. "Do you always fight with your toys? I mean I have swords but I save those for the bad guys," she commented. One thing about being a 'villain' was that there was competition and others weren't afraid to kill to be on top.

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He smirked for a second as he watched through his metal mask while she was fast. Faster than he would haven imagined.
"I'm no hero." He spoke as he ran towards her again as he stirked his fist while he kept swining as she kept on dodgeing.
He had to maintain his focus while he lowered his kick to kick her on her low ankle to drop her while he was hoping to get a chance to stun her as he lifted his hand to swing at her skull this time.
(You want to do like where arizona beats the crap of dal but doesn't kill him and they meet like in public or somethint when they aren't dressed and don't know who each other really are)

message 37: by Amber (new)

Amber | 347 comments Arizona did go down but she took the moment to slam her other foot against his chest to prevent him from hitting her. "Are you taking it easy on me?" she questioned as she got back up. She stepped closer and picked him up by the metal armor then tossed him back against a wall. "That's no fun if you are," she pouted then laughed. She jumped up and landed a kick against his chest again, this time pushing him back into the wall hard enough to make the bricks crack.

(Yeah I kind of had the them meeting without the disguises part planned.)

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Dal was being punish as he couldn't get up from the kicks to the chest. Even if he was wearing bullet proof vest it still hurt him like hell when ever the impact kept on hitting him. He passed out for a second while moving his head over to the side as he stared at her for just a moment.
"What are you waitinf for? Hurry up and end it." He said as he moved his hand to pocket for a smoke pack as he lifted his mask just so his lips were realved as he placed a single smoke in his mouth as he looked to his lighter to get one more smoke before dying.

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Amber | 347 comments Arizona cocked her head to the side. "You're dying wish is to have something that's going to kill you anyway?" she questioned. She shook her head. "I'm not about killing people unless they've wronged me. So lights out," she said and punch him square in the mask. With that she stepped back and left, running home quickly, taking an alternate route to loose him if he tried to follow her but she didn't think he would be. She scaled the side of the building and pulled herself through the window of her apartment. With a sigh she let her hood fall and pulled her mask off.

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Dallas quickly passed as soon as ari punched him square. A few hours has passed as he only woke up to the fact of a stray dog started to lick his face as he saw the dog was deformed.
"Hey buddy...." he said as he pet the friendly dog who looked more like a pig to be honest because of its messed up face.
"Feel like i got the hangover but don't remeber the party." Dal said to himself as he started to walk while the dog started to follow him.
"Come on lad....i cant have a dog with me...go away." He said but the dog struck around.

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Amber | 347 comments Arizona looked around the run down apartment before pulling the rest of her suit off. She walked over to the large map of the state on the wall and crossed off another lab. "One more down," she murmured to herself. She stepped back and looked at her work and what she had left to do before heading to the bathroom to shower. Once she was done she dressed in comfy clothes and hopped on her bed. This villain stuff was tiring.

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The next morining.

Dallas woke up in the bed sour as hell. He remebered getting his ass kicked and beaten down by the girl as he saw piglet(his dog) looking next to him.
"Hey buddy. Hope you had a goodnight sleep in your new apartment." He said as he pet piglet. He couldnt really come up with a good name but he could only think of tue character from winnie the pooh pig so he decided to name his new friend piglet. He got dressed as he quickly brushed his teeth while putting on a plain white shirt with aviator shades on.
"Alright piglet. If you need anything, stuff is in the fridge so help yourself." Dal said as he knew it was a little crazy talking to dog but he got in his ford pick up truck as he drove to work.

Dal got to work as he was currently working in a car body shop for a living as he had a part time job as a hero. He quickly made his way for break as he hung outisde of the shop on the bench as he pulled 0ut a smoke

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Amber | 347 comments Arizona woke at 4 in the morning when the people above her started screaming at each other. She rolled over and looked at the clock. "Right on time," she muttered. It was like that everyday. With a groaned she pulled herself out of bed and got dressed for the day, pulling on jeans then a white t shirt. After brushing her teeth and hair she grabbed her leather jacket before heading out the door, going to a coffee shop since she had the time before going to work.

Work for her was in a music store that sold records, instruments, and gave lessons in different instruments. Sometimes at night she had a different job singing at a restaurant but that was only when their singer was down. She had a long day of nothing. No lessons to give and the day was slow. At lunch she went outside and wandered around but didn't have much to do. After work since she didn't really have a great kitchen she stopped at a diner on her way home and sat at the bar counter.

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Dallas finished up work as he did the last oil change of the day.
"Dal you're one hell of a worker but Dal seriously.....please do try to come to work on time will ya?" His boss Max asked him as Dal stared at him for a second.
"Yeah sorry about that. I just have a lot of deal with." He said as he cleaned up the grease from his hand as he still had a bit of a black eye from last night.
He wasn't sure if he was gonna out tonight because of the injury but had other things in mind.
Dal closed up the shop as he took his truck while stopping by a near by bar as he made his way in to smell the cheap liqour and people chatting around. He just finished work as his still had a bit of grease around his face as he sat on a stool as he ordered some food.
As he waited, he saw a very beatiful young woman sitting across from him as he stared at her for a little until they made a bit of a eye contact. Than he just switch as if he was looking at something else

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Amber | 347 comments Arizona had ordered food and was now contemplating whether the cheap alcohol was worth entertaining. She didn't plan on going out as a villain that night, she liked to strike randomly. Most of the time she didn't even know when she was going to go light another lab on fire until she was doing it. She looked up at just the right moment to make eye contact with someone and quickly let her eyes drop, thinking of how awkward random eye contact was.But after a moment she looked up again, this time thankfully avoiding eye contact, and decided that he was attractive. She let her eyes go back to the diamond platted bar top.

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Dallas stared back at the girl as she ate her food. He wasn't exactly what you call the shining knight in suit and tie but he did what he could of.
He walked over to where she was sitting while standing next to her as he ordered a drink.
"May i get a rum straight." He said as he drank the hot fuzzing liqour down his throat as he looked at her.
"Hey i see that you don't have anything to drink. Can i buy you one?"

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Amber | 347 comments Arizona raised a brow but bit her lip as she thought it over. "Alright," she smiled. She turned to the bartender, "Jameson on the rocks." She took a sip of her drink once it was in hand and gestured to the empty spot next to her. The waiter had already taken her plate away so she set her arm down on the place in front of her where it had been. "What's your name?" she questioned. "Or is that supposed to be your line?" she asked afterwards.

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Dallas smiled when she said that but just shook his head a little.
"Well proper introduction is a gentle's way but I'll see what i can do since you stole my thunder now.
"My name is dallas but everyone just calls me Dal." He said as he told her while telling his name.
"And what about yourself?" He asked her as she kept on drinking

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Amber | 347 comments Arizona laughed softly when he said she stole his thunder. "Arizona, but everyone just calls be Arizona," she winked, using his own words on him. She took another sip before directing her attention back to Dallas. "What brings you here, Dal?" she questioned. Not many people approached her, and if they did she tended to scare them off pretty quickly. She expected he'd be gone soon.

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"Well after another long day of work and a bitter night shift, i taught of just enjoying myself by coming to a bar and have a drink. Maybe try to meet a pretty girl while I'm at the bar and somewhat hoping that pretty girl wouldn't give me such hard time. Would you have any advice for me on that?" He asked her as he joked a little as he drank another cold rum down his system as he turned back to her.

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