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Thanks! Watcha wanna do?

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Make like a M×F realistic like college themed maybe

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Sure. Character sheets?

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Are you good with playing the females?

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Yes. I am one, so...

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Okay well......this is awkard. Okay let me quickly go to my computer key note and delete awkard. Now were good. Lol
I was thinking like a new girl moves to new college and ending up being with like the most popluar guy or something but she is the only one to reisit his charm and makes him work for it. (Something like that)

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Ooh I love that Im not leading the romance. Usually I lead, so this will be fun.

Do you want to just jump in?

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Can we make the character first? Im gonna be a little late because i have to finish dinner but i will jump in A$ap once im done

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Ok. Im on the app, so my character could be a while. Possibly until tomorrow

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Go to goodreads and check the desktop one. It will make your life easier and if you like we can just do like name,age, and a little photo so its easier on our time

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(Like goodreads site for desktop version)

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Alright. Im undecided on a personality so that'll be nice. I think I can get on a computer soon

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I know but my phone's internet is so slow

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Ugh...looks like that's our 1st world problem huh? Anyway lets just create simple character bio and i will get started.

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I'll develop the personality throughout the rp.

Yup... I'll make one tonight hopefully

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Name:Darrell Foster

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No luck with computer so...

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Name: Katie Oliver
Age: 19
Appearance (no picture, sorry...) : Katie has long, wavy, and chocolate brown hair. Her eyes are a bold hazel. Her skin is slightly tan. Her complexion is near flawless. She has a bright smile and pearly white teeth. She is tall and skinny and not that strong.

XD my grammar was probably terrible. Hope you made sense of that

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(Its cool whenever your ready)

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Can you post first?

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Darrell pulled over with his red GNC caynon pickup truck as he stopped and parked. He got out of the car as he placed his dark aviator sunglasses with his long blue jeans and pale white shirt that easily defined the shape of his fit body. He smiled while walking towards the front college gate as he was a instant knee shaker for girls when they saw him. He loved to fool around although his brothers kept on warning him about girls that are like vultures and should stay away from them. Darrell made his way into class as he sat on a chair getting ready to start

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(Did my best to fit the character that you described. Im guessing something like this?)

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((Yes that rocks. Thanks.))

Katie was reading a book on a bench in the school gardens. She looked up briefly and suddenly remembered she had a class. She checked her phone for the time. It was starting now. She quickly gathered her books that had been placed next to her and walked to class as fast as she could. Her head was down and her hair fell into her face, but she ignored it. She was dressed casually, in jeans and an old t-shirt. Her sneakers squeaked against the tile as she entered the building. She walked into class, raising her head. She smiled at the teacher and grabbed an open desk near the door. She received a glare from the teacher, but that was all and she was glad for it.

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Darrell watched as people came in one by one. Than he saw a girl that he hasn't yet seen as he leaned to switch his body posture for a second. He smiled as she sat right next to his empty desk.
Other girls were googling at him but he didn't care for other girls at this point.
He had a different interest and his interest was locked on hers.
He moved over and gave her his pen and paper as he smiled.
"Here....would you mind doing a favour and writing down notes for me. Thanks a lot. And don't forget to put the class and the date of today because i want to remeber." He said as he gave her a charming smile as he said that while teasing her.

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Katie gave him an annoyed smile. In all capitol letters, as big as the page would allow, she wrote the word 'notes'. She then crumpled it up and threw it at him, hitting him on his ear. "There." She whispered and turned toward him, "Hope you're happy." She faced toward the front of the room, intently listening to the teacher and scribbling down notes. She never gave him a second glance or thought. One thing was for sure, he had made his first impression. To her he was a stupid boy who slid through life without working and he was going to have to work hard to change that.

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Darrell just smiled and laughed for a moment while glancing at her. Since they sat right next to each other, whiserping wasn't gonna be a problem for him as the teacher kept on going with his lectures.
"You know you would actually be a lot pretty if you gave me a real smile than a fake one you know." He said with his confident smile.
"Why do you got to be so rude? You know im human too. Why do you got to be so rude?" He said as he relined the lyrics from Rude by magic as he waited to see what her reponse was.

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Katie shot a glare his way. "I don't care." She hissed, "Now would you do me the honor of shutting up?" She faced back towards the teacher. She made a mental note to never sit my this guy in class again. She scribbled a few more things down and sighed at how messy her handwriting was and how fast the teacher was talking. She could type it up later, but for now she just had to keep writing. She gathered her hair and put it over her left shoulder, the one he was near, and kept writing.

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Darrell laughed for a moment as he made mental notes as well. She was actually the first one that hasn't give it to him easy. He looked over while wiriting a few bullshit down as he leaned to the side to whisper again.
"Never got your name by the way. I'm darrell. Darrell Foster." He said as darrell quickly introduced himself. He would have given his hand for a shake but he knew she wasn't even going to look at it.

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Katie nodded while writing down notes. "Awesome." She said, "too bad I don't care." She scanned the class quickly. At least they weren't the only ones talking, so the teacher wouldn't spot them of all the people. Katie reminded herself that this was college now and she could not take notes and no one would care. "Just so you know, you don't get the privilege of knowing my name." She said to Darrel just before the teacher assigned the now optional homework.

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Darrell has never been rejected like that ever in his life than this girl did.
"Wow! First ignored and now not deserving huh?" He said as this should have discourged most guys, but she had no idea that this only fueled the fire in him as he got even more excited about this. He looked at the class was over while he looked at her one more time.
"Well...i don't know your name...and i need to call you by something." He said to himself while thinking of a name.
"Since your just like the rude song, i think i'll call you magic." He said as he said to her while leaving for lunch.

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Katie just rolled her eyes at him and walked off with the rest of class. She had an hour until her next class. She had decided she would go to the gardens again to read since she had nothing better to do. She desperately hoped the annoying boy wouldn't thought of her. She thought of him as a boy because he seemed so childish. She sat down on a bench away from people. This was her first year, so Katie knew pretty much no one. She opened her book and started to read, absorbed into the world that was written on paper.

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Darrell walked back towards his truck as he sat in it with the A/C on while cooling down from the heat.
The university of Baylor didn't get too crowded like other huge school as UCLA.
He enjoyed this place. It was great enviroment for him. He looked at the side as he saw magic sitting on a bench by herself as he didn't see her with any lunch. Just focusing on studying. He decided to grab his lunch as he walked towards magic while sitting next to her on the bench.
"Move over a little will ya magic?" He said as a look of anger and offense came to her as he shook his head.
"I see your not eating anything, what's the matter...are you one of those girls who feel insecure about their own body and strave themself to death?"

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Katie scooted over grudgingly. She put her book down. "What do you want, Darrel Foster?" She asked bitterly, "I think you've pestered me enough for one day, don't you?" She scowled and gave him a look while trying to figure out why he was doing this. She knew why, but she didn't like it. "Just so you know, I'm not starving myself, I'll eat later." She scuffed the groud with her tennis shoe, getting dirt on the front of it.

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He shook his head in disbelieve as he looked at her.
"Well i tell you what because your in for a surprise. Because i got my lunch today and you know what, its home made magic." He said as he looked at her.
"Well hey, you remebered my name." He said as he smiled.
"Listen you seemed to be focus on your study but you ain't gonna learn much with an empty stomach so i say fill up." He said as he opened his lunch while giving her a chicken sandwich and a juice box.
"So i say eat up magic, im sure your hungry." Darrell replied with a smile as he ate his lunch wondering if she was gonna do the same

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She glared at him but accepted the sandwich. She really didn't want to buy food with the little money she had. After he had given her food she wasn't sure what to make of hum. It was almost a sign of hospitality and kindness. "Stop calling me Magic." She growled before taking a bite into the sandwich. After swallowing it she said, "Thanks by the way." She ate it slowly, looking around the park. As long as she didn't see his face she was pretty happy at the moment.

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"Your very welcome magic." He said as the nickname was getting on her nerve.
"Okay i promise i won't call you magic as much...which means im still gonna call you magic but not as much as long i get your name." Darrell said as girls passed bye him and waved.
"Hey darrell." They said as he smiled back at them but once they left he looked right back at magic.

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"Whatever. I might just punch you though if you say it again." Katie said as she finished her sandwich and juice box. "My name is Katie and Im gonna go now. Go hang out with your adoring fan club or something that doesn't involve me." She grabbed her books and walked away, unsure of where to go. She just began walking in large circles, admiring the flowers and avoiding the pathways.

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Darrell laughed for a second as he watched her walk aimlessly as he couldn't get enough of this girl.
"Hey katie!" He shouted as he someone seemed to get attention of her.
"So you know there is going to be a frat house party for the freshmen. Everyone is going. Am i gonna see you there this weekend. Who knows, you might actually make a friend." He said as he told her.

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((What does Frat mean?))

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(You know like college groups. You know girls are sorority groups while guys are frat house)

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((Sorry xD never been to college))

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Katie made her way over to Darrel and in no rush eaither. "Well..." She said, Considering the offer. "Maybe. Maybe not. If you'll be there, odds are I'll skip out on it. Would you hang out with me instead if I didn't go?" A mischievous twinkle was in her eye. The last thing she would do was spend a night with him, but he was curious as to what his answer would be.

((K im done for tonight. Bye!!!!))

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"If you want to spend time with me, than I'll see you at the party." He replied with a twinkle in his eyes.
"Oh and by the way, free drinks and music. What could go wrong?" He asked as he smiled.
"The place is close off to campus. I'll you there magic." He said as he told her while walking off back to school and into the classrooms.

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Katie glared at him as he walked off and went a different direction to her next class, glad it wasn't with him. She quickly found her classroom and sat down near the front.

((She should meet a guy that is also interested in her and that she likes.))

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(Yeah thats what i was thinking too.)
The days dozed off as darrell made his way out, all he could hear was chatter about the party. He smiled while shaking his head. The freshmen were the most funniest since they havn't experinced anything like it before. He walked towarda his truck as we wondered of magic was gonna show up. Her reponse didn't seem to friendly but he was kind of hoping she could make it

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Katie was walking by Darrel's car with a spring in her step. She didn't notice him, or rather chose not to notice him. She had met a really nice guy a few days ago and they hit it off. She was going to go to the party with him and couldn't wait. She put everything with Darrel behind her.

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Darrell made it to the party as one of the first ones as he started to pour down shots after shots while enjoying the music as he smiled while looking for katie. He hoped she could make it around here as the party started to get louder and louder while girls started to approch darrell

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Name:Bobby Rose

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(He will be the guy that katie likes)

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