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Amber | 683 comments Here I'm going to bed about now.

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Julia | 159 comments Cool beans. Talk to you tomorrow!

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Amber | 683 comments So which one did you want to do more, 3 or 4? I don't remember what they are can you post them but without the spoilers? I'm on my phone.

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Julia | 159 comments Option 3:
Two best friends decide to go on vacation together before they begin college. After a long day at the beach, Muse B accidentally sees Muse A naked. They end up sleeping together. WIll they continue this relationship or end it before they begin college?

Option 4:
Muse A and B met in a study group for one of their college classes. Right after their exam, with their high adrenaline, they get together and do some not so platonic activities. Throughout exam week, they continue these r rated activities. Did they get together only to relieve stress, or do they really have feelings for each other?

I was on my phone last night XD so here it is now

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Amber | 683 comments Okay thanks. So was there one you want to do more?

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Julia | 159 comments Four, if you don't mind.

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Amber | 683 comments Nah I don't mind

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Julia | 159 comments Okay :)

I have to go soon, but do you just want to post the basics about our characters? Like their name, age, appearance kind of stuff?

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Amber | 683 comments Yeah that's all I do is name she and appearance.

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Julia | 159 comments Okay!

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Amber | 683 comments Age* sorry my phone has been extra auto correcty lately

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Julia | 159 comments Nah, it is all good.

message 13: by Amber (new)

Amber | 683 comments Okay so what age were you thinking?

message 14: by Julia (new)

Julia | 159 comments I was thinking 19 or so

message 15: by Amber (new)

Amber | 683 comments

Arizona Stevens




message 16: by Julia (new)

Julia | 159 comments Name: Emily Richards
Age: 19

Personality: to be rp'ed

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Amber | 683 comments Okay cool. Do you want to start then?

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Julia | 159 comments um sure

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Julia | 159 comments
Emily had her books in her backpack, and a pen in her hand. She was clicking it quickly out of nerves. She was walking across campus to her class; it was her first exam of the semester. It was in one of her better classes, so she really had no need to be so worried. Emily had been studying not only on her own, but with a study group. It was originally where she met Arizona, the adorible blonde girl. Speaking of which, she saw her just up ahead.
Emily quickened her pace, simply to catch up with her new friend. A bit out of breath, she said, "Hey Arizona! How are you feeling about the exam?"

((I can also write more if you would prefer :D))

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Amber | 683 comments Arizona smiled brightly, "hey Em." She thought about the question, biting her bottom lip as she did so. "I think this is the only one I actually fell good about," she replied after a moment. "But judging by the way you're clicking that poor pen you're not as confident," she commented with a soft laugh. She nodded her head towards the way they needed to go, gesturing for them to walk together then lead the way. "Don't worry you've studied like crazy. You'll do great I'm sure," she flashed Emily another dazzling smile to show her confidence in her friend. Emily was one of the smartest people in their study group, Arizona had completely confidence in the girl.

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Julia | 159 comments
Emily smiled some at the compliment. "Yeah, I am pretty nervous. I always get stressed out because of tests. I can do good at everything else and then bomb them. I really hope I do well..." she admitted. As they neared the building, a few people were outside doing some last minute studying. "I would hate to be doing that," Emily said, looking at a group of them. "Last minute studying has never helped me before, and probably never will." she added with a soft laugh.

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Amber | 683 comments Arizona smiled. "Last minute studying was how I made it through freshman, sophomore, and junior year of high school," she replied. It had actually worked well for her. She had a bit of a photographic memory so it wasn't all too hard. "You'll do great I'm sure. We can meet later to study for more exams. At my dorm? I'll have snacks," she wiggled her eyebrows as if the snacks were the only thing to come for. She didn't have a dorm mate so there wasn't anyone they would end up bothering if they stayed up late studying.

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Julia | 159 comments
"Mmmm food!" Emily dreamily said. "Sounds like a plan." She held the door open for her friend, relaxing as Emily talked to her. Emily stopped clicking her pen nervously as they made their way into the classroom. She put her stuff down, frowning at the upside down tests on their tables. "Good luck!" Emily whispered to her friend, before the exam would begin.

((Time skip?))

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Amber | 683 comments Arizona was one of the first ones to finish the test. Afterwards she went back to her dorm and pulled out some snacks. Luckily she had somehow gotten a dorm to herself and she utilized that to every extent. As she waited for Emily she looked at a book that she'd been staring at for the past two weeks trying to get all of the information in her head. It'd been a long time trying to get everything into her brain and she was stressing out because of it.

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Julia | 159 comments
Emily finished her test, taking her time. About half the class was still taking the test when she finished. She quietly exited the buidling and made her way back to her friend's dorm. When Emily got to the door, she found it unlocked. "Hey!" she said, entering Arizona's room. "I think that went well. What are you studying for now?"

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Amber | 683 comments "Hey," Arizona said after looking up. "I think it went well for me too. I'm studying for my law class right now. I can get an internship if I get a good grade on the exam and I really really want that," she murmured. "But I'm to a point that I'm so stressed and freaking out that nothing else is going on my head," she said as she snapped her book closed.

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Julia | 159 comments
Emily smiled as she sat down next to her friend. "You've been studying for that for weeks. You'll do great; don't worry so much!" Emily leaned over and gently bumped her friend. "I believe in you!" she added with a smile.

((Sorry that's short...))

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Amber | 683 comments Arizona smiled and laughed softly. "Thanks I appreciate that. So let's get this studying underway. Unless you want a break since we just took that exam?" she questioned. Honestly since she'd gone from testing to studying she could use a break. She reached over and grabbed a bottle of water. After taking a sip she put the bottle back on the nightstand.

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Julia | 159 comments
"I could use a break." Emily admitted, laying down on her friend's test. "I'm exhausted and I really don't want to think about exams right now, honestly." She glanced at her friend and bit her lip. "I don't know what we should do though.

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Amber | 683 comments "I feel the same," Arizona groaned and laid down next to her friend, pushing her books off the bed to make more room. "Nap? Talk about our troubles?" She said with a small laugh. She reached her hand out and ran it through Emily's hair before pulling it back and offering her a small smile. She couldn't help but think about how pretty her new friend was.

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Julia | 159 comments
"If I sleep I won't be able to wake up!" Emily laughed, curling up closer to her friend. She turned her head to face her friend, and added, "I suppose we can just talk about whatever. If you want to, that is."

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Amber | 683 comments Arizona laughed and agreed. "Honestly if I fell asleep I'd probably sleep until this time tomorrow and miss my exam," she replied. "I don't even know what to talk about. I haven't been doing anything other than studying its consuming my life," she added.

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Julia | 159 comments
Emily frowned some. "That' actually very true. I don't really know what to talk about either..." she said with a sigh. Emily really didn't want there to be an awkward silence, but it seemed like that is what they would end up with.

(Can Arizona make the first 'move'?)

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Amber | 683 comments "We don't have to talk," Arizona murmured. She didn't think the silence would be awkward. She did mind it actually. It was good to just sit quietly. But then it left room for the stress in her head to consume her and she just cringed.

(Um I guess.)

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Julia | 159 comments
(If you don't want to that's fine)

Emily sighed. "The silence is stressing me out!" she growled. "It leaves me to think about the rest of the exams." Emily admitted, looking at her friend. She hadn't realized it before, but her friend had very kissable lips.

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Amber | 683 comments Arizona laughed, "I had the same exact thoughts." Her eyes fell over Emily's face. She was smiling and felt her cheeks turn a little red. They really didn't have to talk... Her gaze went down to Emily's lips and before she knew what was happening she was kissing Emily softly. She pulled away just as quickly though. "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry I don't know what came over me," she said as she sat up.

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Julia | 159 comments Emily laughed at her friend. "It's fine!" she muttered. "I don't mind either..." Emily added, a mischievous glint in her eyes. She leaned forward and kissed her friend again.

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Amber | 683 comments Arizona was surprised. Slowly she let a hand come up and caress Emily's cheek and she kissed the girl back. She really hadn't expected this to come about by having Emily come over. It wasn't like she hadn't had Emily over to study before.

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Julia | 159 comments
Emily pulled away, blushing. "Sorry... I didn't mean to be so pushy." she apologized. "I just.. I've never really done anything like that before." Emily admitted, looking away from her friend. It was true; Emily had never been in a serious relationship, and only now was she thinking that she may like girls too.

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Amber | 683 comments ((I'm so sorry! You have to bump me sometimes because I don't get notifications?!))

Arizona looked to Emily and shook her head. "No you weren't pushy don't worry about it. I mean I kissed you first," she said with a blush and she pushed her hair behind her ear. She looked up to her friend and her blush deepened. She wanted to ask if Emily wanted to do it again but chickened out.

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Julia | 159 comments ((It's okay: I have been extremely busy))

Emily looked down at her hands, her cheeks tomato red. "Yeah..." she mumbled, daring a glance at her friend, who was also blushing fiercely. "Do you want to try again?" Emily asked, her voice barely above a whisper.

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Amber | 683 comments Arizona looked up and didn't reply audibly but instead just leaned forward and kissed Emily again. Heck yeah she wanted to try it again. Her hand went to Emily's cheek again and she moved closer to her friend.

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