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message 1: by Trinity (new)

Trinity | 803 comments Mod
Lol, I try. I have been so busy, accepted a new job and have been doing some much needed house work (cutting down trees) and such and haven't had any time to read. Happens to all of us at some point. Plus, one of my favorite authors sent me a book and when I can read I am focused on that one, so I feel I have been neglecting the group reads anyway.

message 2: by zendegy (new)

zendegy | 1 comments I am, frankly, the pits at participating. I am more of a lurker...not the creepy kind. More like that dorky kid that sat at the back of the class all through school, wearing her hair long enough to hide behind. :^P
I watch and listen. And read.

message 3: by Trinity (new)

Trinity | 803 comments Mod
Nothing wrong with that. I think most readers are a bit introverted at times anyway. I know I am.

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